Wyse Sense setup?

I just purchased 2 Wyse Sense started kits.

One kit for an area near my car, which leads into the back yard and one kit for indoor use.
All contact sensors will be used for doors, windows.

I’ve seen demonstrations on how the sensors are tied into certain cameras.

If true, can a wyze sense motion sensor be placed, in a hallway or basement without a Cam, to Connect it too?

Not opposed, to getting another cam just for the basement sensors, ether!

Only the bridge is physically attached to a camera. The motion sensor ans contact sensors are self standing.

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I’ve seen this word " bridge " mentioned often!

Haven’t been back to this forum in months (3-4).

So excuse my ignorance?

What is a “bridge”?

It is the little device that plugs into the back of a camera that does the actual communication to the sensors. “Bridging” the two distinct radio frequencies to “talk” as it were.

Scroll down to “Simple Setup” to see where it goes:

Also, it is a large device for getting over big holes in the ground (or rivers) :grinning:

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Just read another poster’s msg, 2 sec’s ago.

They were Talking about their “bridge question” n I put 2&2 together.

I won’t tell u what # I got for an answer! :wink:

But, Thx for the prompt, quick n kind reply!

Sounds like you ad as well as I do!

Have a great one, BB13

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