Wyze Sense FAQs are up!

Hello all!!

Wyze Sense FAQs are now posted on the Wyze website!



I assume that it would not be possible to use a bridge and a SD cart on the same Wyze Cam

Not sure why you would think that. I moved your topic to the FAQ thread. Please see the link above. :slight_smile:

I have a WyzeCam in the front window. If I put a bridge in it and a motion sensor in the back of my curbside mailbox about 50’ away, will the bridge and motion sensor connect?

If you only have the window between the camera and the sensor, then yes it may reach. However, it may be affected by whatever your mailbox is made of. Also remember, the Sense products are NOT intended for outdoor use.

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Also would probably loose signal when mail truck parks in front of it and maybe even when other cars pass by. For the price it may be worth trying. Also note that metal, like most mailboxes, can negatively affect the performance of any wireless sensor (regardless of brand / protocol).

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I think I’m going to try this with my wooden mailbox if I can figure out how to get the two halves of the sensor placed inside the box in the right position. Might not be easy to get right by guesstimating measurements, which I’d have to do because I don’t fit inside the mailbox. :slight_smile:

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I thought the same thing initially, then I noticed @myechohome actually wants to try it with a motion sensor. I’m not sure the new motion sensors have the same range as the contact sensors. I guess YMMV.

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I didn’t notice that. A motion sensor would def be easier to mount. You could probably stick it in the back and it wouldn’t risk getting bumped. I think I’ll try that first.


Also, keep in mind, most reed sensors are just a large magnet on the one side, so it is possible to use a different size/ shape magnet in many cases to fit your need!


Thanks everyone … Yes, my intent was to use the motion sensor rather than the contact sensors. As for the mailbox, it’s cast iron. I have pre-ordered. I figure it’s $20 to find out and if it doesn’t work, I’ll surely find ten ways to use it. Wish I didn’t have to wait two months, but it’s worth the wait. :blush:


Cast iron? Well, if you get it to work inside there I’ll be very surprised. I wish you much luck with that! :slight_smile:

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I know, right? I’ll let you know how it goes once I get my Wyze Sense. :grimacing:

Can I use the motion sensor to alert me when a vehicle pulls into my driveway?

The motion sensor is PIR, so it may detect heat from a vehicle’s engine. But, remember the Wyze Sense devices are for indoor use only. Using it outside will void the warranty. I’m also pretty sure it won’t work through a window because it’s PIR.

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Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to toggle the Wyze Sense motion sensor off/on in the app?

Kind of depends on what you mean by on/off. In terms of power, the answer is no. They are full-time powered by internal battery.

In terms of functionality, you can disable notifications in the app and/or you can disable linked camera sensor videos. If you disable both, then the sensor is essentially OFF for all practical purposes. However, in this case, history is still recorded. If you don’t want this, you would need to unplug the bridge from the camera or unplug the camera. (The bridge stays operational even if the camera is in OFF mode.)

It would be nice to be able to automate the latter via Shortcuts. You can vote for that at the link below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:

EDIT: According to the Sense support pages, sensor actions are supposed to be available now in Shortcuts, but that doesn’t appear to the case. I’ll report that to Wyze.

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