What Is Purpose Of Motion Sensor New Device?

I have it, cameras have built in motion sensors

Why Would I use this little device??

Need examples

The cameras don’t have true motion detection. The “motion detection” uses a pixel change algorithm to create alert notifications and record clips. See the link for the Wyze Sense FAQ topic below. There are also several threads on the forum that have use cases already available. Use the Search function of the forum. :slight_smile:

Well the motion sensors in the cameras don’t work that well and create a lot of false alerts. The motion sensor would probably decrease the amount of false alerts.

I agree that it’s the least intuitive piece of the Sense package. But as I experiment with it, I can see a few excellent uses emerging!

There are some places in my house where I don’t want / can’t install a camera, but still want to know a bit of info about what’s going on in there. Example: Looking for my dog while I’m away, but can’t find him on the cams. I can look at the sensor, and see that there was movement in a camless area, so I can assume it was the pup.

I would also like to see some better data gathering using the motion sensor. Would be cool to see what percentage of time we spend in what room.

Play around with ideas and be creative! I’m sure everything Wyze products will change and grow as we share new ideas.

I do not see much use for it unless in same path as one of your cameras, basically a backup sensor. I rather of had more contact sensors in the package.

I rather see those sensors as battery cameras

thought this thread sounded familiar. check this thread for more ideas for sensors

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