New Sense bridge work with Wyze Pan?

I watched the video and placed an order for Sence, However I use wyze cam and the wyze Pan Camera and want to know will the bridge work with it the Pan camera?

I personally couldn’t get it to work with my Pan Cam unless I turned off motion tracking and/or pan settings. Basically if I kept it stationary it would work, but shortly after the pan cam started moving/rotating the sense bridge connected on the back would start to alternate flash yellow/blue.

Are you using the power adapter and cable originally included with the Pan? Just curious…

Same behaviour- sense bridge mounted on a pan. Blue yellow light. Using original cable and power adapter

BINGO . I found something that was not mentioned anywhere… My bridge was not working with my Pan Cam, and wirks fine with 3 other cams, and I have 2 bridges both work with regular cams… so I narrowed it down to the Pan Cam… it had the most recent firmware for bot the Pan and the Bridge.

When I took a close look at the Pan, the USB port is damaged. one of the contact pads for the USB is bent “up” and folded back which makes the USB port not work (it was a data line not the power… so the bridge powered up, but could not sync with the cam)

once I was able to fix the bent contact and put it back “up” aligned with the others the bridge worked fine..

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I have this same issue as well.