New sense kit will not connect

I have a Wyze Cam Pan with V4.10.3.50 with the bridge firmware of and V2.3.25 on my iPhone. My contact sensor light is solid blue. I follow the QSG and app instructions and use the pin but neither the motion sensor or either of the contact sensors will connect. It just times out. FYI the contact sensors flashes 5 times when I use the pin. I have removed the batteries and reinstalled but to the same issues. Thoughts? I have also opened a support ticket.


Are you holding in the pin until it flashes red three times?


Yes, the motion sensor will flash 3 times after holding the pin but will not connect. The contact sensors will flash 5 times after holding the pin. None of the 3 seems to connect and then the app times out.

Here’s some troubleshooting info that might help:


i’ll throw my name into the group having issues. I just got the Sense kit and the bridge appears to be online, solid blue light. when i go to the app and try to add a new product, it will give the prompt that its ready to connect, but neither of the door sensors or motions sensors will pair.

the sensors blink 3 times…but don’t connect

eventually the bridge times out.

i have taken the bridge and connected it to a different camera

i’ve restarted the cam the bridge is connected to

i’ve taken the battery out of both sensors and motion detector and still nothing…

Hello @sevenmanor, have you made sure that the cameras are updated to their latest firmware versions? Have you made sure that the lights are flashing on the sensors while attempting the setup process?

yes, the cameras are all up to date

the lights on the sensors only flash after i hit the reset button…at least that’s that the instructions say. to start the process by adding a product in the app, THEN press the reset button until the sensor led flashes 3 times.

i’ll also add that I’m doing this 6 feet from the bridge, so im close to it.

I have done these steps. Nothing in there resolved the issue.

Okay since you are far from the bridge I would recommend moving closer and retrying the setup process.

Hello @mattsenden, how far away from you when attempting the setup process?

I don’t think 6 feet should be too far. I was about 15 feet and through a wall when I set mine up.

@sevenmanor and @mattsenden… If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps I’ve posted above, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas. I’d suggest submitting a support request with Wyze. If you do so from the app Account > Help & Feedback, you can include the app log which will help them diagnose.


I was having issues with mine paring when I was about 10 feet away but it may of been the walls to play in part also.

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You may want to try pressing the reset tab at the rear of the sensor unit that plugs into the back of your camera, it is not mentioned in the instructions

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Usa1000, thanks for the help. This worked for me. Steps below:
1. Plug in the bridge and wait until the bridge light is solid blue.
2. Hold down the button with the WYZE logo on the back of the bridge until the light turns solid yellow, then let go of the button.
3. In the app, tap the 3 dots to add a product, select your device and the camera. It will say, Wyze bridge is ready to be connected and flash yellow and white.
4. Use the pin to hold the reset button in on your sensor until it flashes 3 times (my sensors flashed red 5 times). The connection was successful. Repeat steps 2-4 for other devices.


The paper directions seemed to be lacking a crucial step #2.


ok, i’ll confirm that worked for me as well. holding down the bridge button until it was yellow, then hitting the reset buttons on the sensors and motion detector.

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When I tried connecting my motion sensor, I had no issues. When attempting to connect the door sensors I went through multiple tries only to have the process timeout. I ignored the issue for a bit and rebooted my phone and the door sensors connected right up as if they had been waiting on me the whole time.


Glad you got it solved mattsenden. The same thing happened to me with my Wyzecam V2…the bridge was blue but couldn’t connect a sensor. I finally backed out of and restarted the app and found that the act of installing the bridge somehow turned off the camera I was linking to. I tapped it back on, and everything installed as advertised.

How is it that Wyze didn’t include step #2 in the paper instructions?