New sense kit will not connect

I wanted to add my support and two cents here. I was also getting the red light blinking five times, not three times, each time I inserted the pin into the contact sensor.
I followed the written instructions as well as mattsenden’s solution. Although neither specifically worked for me, what DID work was removing and replacing the battery. Interestingly, the red light also started blinking just three times instead of five when responding to the pin after the battery was taken out and put back in.
I hope this helps someone! Oh, and the flatter side of the battery should face you. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the tips.

Total DERP. I was doing Add Device and selecting Wyze Contact Sensor. I somehow thought the motion sensor was another “contact sensor”, but there is a separate device for Wyze Motion Sensor. So make sure you’re picking the right device!

And, yes, it’s 5 flashes for me. But it set right up, works like a champ…AFTER I selected the right device!

Maybe others are doing this, too.

DERP on me. Don’t be a derp. :slight_smile:

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Here’ some important info just received about the button on the back of the bridge:

“Major Sense Update: if you press & hold the button on the back of the Bridge for around 8 seconds it will factory reset the Bridge. This removes all the sensors connected to it, but they don’t get removed from the app (they’ll just appear offline & even still appear under “Extended Devices” in camera settings). We are removing this capability for new production and in a future firmware update, but in the meantime, do not to press this button (or if you do, expect that any previously setup sensors will appear offline) and they’ll need to be re-added). We’ll be moving the reset to inside the app. The experience will be much better and reduce the confusion caused here.”


This should have been sent in an email to everyone who has bought a bridge.

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This didn’t work for me with the step 2. I didn’t have to do step 2 for all the other sensors and motion detectors I got so why would I have to for one defective unit? Just one of my sensors doesn’t work. It wont pair. Again even trying to add step 2. All others work fine. How do I get a replacement?


Same thing. One works. Another does not work. Open Ticket already. No reply at all.

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When I plug in the sense into cam, it does not stay blue. It flashes amber and blue continuously. The cams are connected to wifi and I’m able to view the live stream sp the cams are connected. Cams are also on latest firmware. Tried on other cams but sense would not connect. Any ideas?.

File a support ticket. Expect to return it.

:+1: This worked for me. Just remove and re-insert the battery and the contact sensor will blink 3 times instead of 5 times then connect.

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Team, I have the same issue: 5 blinks. I tried all above. Any other solution?

I just set up new 4 pack yesterday, 2 of them did 3 blinks 2 of them did 5 blinks.

I could install the sensor following the instructions above. But it went offline next day. I tried everything but failed to get the sensor working again. Delete and rediscover didn’t help either. What a frustrating purchase!!!

+1 for trouble. 5 blinks, but no one says what this means. Didn’t always notify when open. Bridge stopped working in the middle of the night. My wife wants me to send back, but I uncharacteristicly destroyed the packaging. I’ve wasted more money on less, but I would advise to wait awhile on purchasing…

I setup my Sense kit with about 10 contact sensors almost 2 weeks ago. At the beginning of this week a couple of sensors went offline, and so I moved the Btidge to another Wyze Cam near the middle of my home…ever since, even more contact sensors were showing up offline. I then tried to reset the Bridge and start from scratch with the Bridge connected to the central Cam, but then it messed Eeevvverything up!! Now I can’t get any of my Cams to recognize the Bridge as paired, even when the light on the Cam AND the Bridgr is a solid Blue. HELP PLZ, RLY WANT SENSE TO WORK GUD.

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Try the troubleshooting guide here:

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Yes, same problem here. The sense is going offline very often. Not reliable enough

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Continuing the discussion from New sense kit will not connect:

I first put a safety pin in the hole to link it.
Finally sorted out that I was using the wrong hole, and the wrong pin.

Read the instructions. Silly me !

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Have tried all troubleshooting ideas but none worked. Firmware latest. Power cycled. Removed, reinserted bridge. Tried resetting through the app. Reset button on the bridge doesn’t do anything - won’t turn yellow, stays blue. Removed, reinserted battery on sensor. Bridge light solid blue before adding sensor. Flashing blue when attempting to pair the sensor. 3 red lights on the sensor while attempting to pair. Always times out. Spent over an hour. Opened a ticket with wyze. What a terrible experience. Will most likely return all wyze products I’ve bought. This sucks…

When the wyze smart home kit came out I let my friend in the us order one and sent it down to Belize one I got it I started working through the kit camera first light plugs all working except the sense the bridge shows that it’s working because the light is solid blue but when trying to add contact or motion sense to the wyze cam be always connection timed out for all try sense devices I tried power cycling the cam battery removal updated firmware of all my devices and still not working tried the option in form of holding down wyze bridge button until it turns yellow but it doesn’t I did that for 3 minutes and no luck any help will be greatly appreciated since I’m in Belize and not in the us to return the sense kit