Motion sensors blinks 5 times and doesn't connect

Team, I was a happy user of the new sensors and without warning, the motion sensor didn’t connect any more. I have followed all advices… nothing. Now, when trying to connect, the sensor blinks 5 blinks times instead of 3.


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I have the same thing.

Mines is doing the same thing. Any update?

Here are the Wyze Sense Guides

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  1. press wyze bridge on the logo…wait for it to turn orange (missing from instructions)
  2. I put the sensor on top of the wyze cam to make sure it connects; also connected to 2GHz wifi to be safe altho both connect via RF I think
  3. go thru set up by pressing on the sensor with key - it will flash red 3 times or 5 times
  4. this should connect

Good Luck

I wish it connects. This sensors are gone

My solution to connection problems: plugged camera/bridge into a USB battery pack. Makes no sense, but that’s all that I did differently and now everything started pairing and working even when camera is plugged back in to the wall.

Out of 5 sensors (2 motion, 3 contacts) only 1 would connect, so I deleted it in the app to start all over. Didn’t want to pull the taped contact sensor off the door, so I plugged the camera into a USB battery and carried it over to the installed sensor that I had just disconnected. Waited a few minutes for camera to come online. Started to pair it, camera says “Wyze bridge is ready to pair”, 3 blinks, all good. Not too surprised since that was the only sensor that ever worked.

Next, I took the camera and battery back to my bench and tried pairing a motion sensor that had failed on at least a dozen previous attempts. For first time, the camera says “Wyze bridge is ready pair”. Got 5 blinks (as always on this sensor), but it immediately paired. Noticed that the blue light was blinking while bridge was pairing. Repeated with 2 other sensors, no problems. All 3 of these gave 5 blinks, would never pair on many tries in the past, and the camera had never before announced it was ready to pair with these.

Plugged the camera back into the wall USB power supply. It came back online and all sensors continued to remain paired and they worked. For grins, I tried the last sensor and it paired perfectly. Very weird.


  • if camera does not give a verbal “ready to pair” notice, then you’r not going to pair. 3 blinks vs. 5 blinks seems to make no difference.

  • blue light should be blinking, not steady, while pairing.

  • Wyze Sense if pretty flakey right now. I’m still a fan, though. They’re on the right track and if this was easy then someone else would already be doing it at this price point.

Hey there,

The issue may have been due to a low output USB power supply or a USB cable that wasn’t with the package.

Glad it works and welcome to the forums,

Same issue. Motion sensor will not pair after exploring every fix I could find in the forums. Seems related to new bridge firmware.33

I’m not saying that the latest bridge firmware didn’t cause problems for some people but it hasn’t for me.
I just set up a new motion sensor today and it worked with no problem , it is now out in my shed working just as it should, at the present time I have only one bridge set up, the other motion sensor that I set up that was after the latest firmware update blinked 5 times and still connected with no prob problem

My original (early order) Wyze Sense sensors paired right away without any difficulty. I don’t remember how many blinks, though. Today I had problems pairing two different motion sensors. I got the 5 blinks mentioned…not three. Finally I rebooted the camera with the hub and they finally paired, but the three-blink set up seems to be wrong at this time. This will cause problems for folks who aren’t as persistent as some of us are.

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I had one contact sensor that wouldn’t connect/add. I was ready to give up on it, and I tried this:

  • Remove battery.
  • While holding down reset button with pin, insert battery. (One solid red blink).
  • Release reset button.
  • Press reset again with pin. (3 red blinks).
  • Start “Add a Product” routing on phone.
  • Paired right up!

This was after 20 or so tries with various tactics. Remove battery for a few days. New battery. Hold reset button for a long time. etc etc. I also usually get 5 blinks. Not sure if what I did was a real thing…but it has my sensor back in the game. :slight_smile:


This worked for me! Thank you!

Didn’t work, when inserting the battery with the pin already pushed, I get two flashes. No matter what I do, the sensor does not reconnect.


Tried the above and it didn’t work. I have two sensors that have never been able to pair to any of the 3 bridges I am running. Both of these sensors blink 5x, the other dozen work fine and all blink 3x when setting up.

Contact support and get a replacement

Same for me, blink five times, I test every thing in this topic, nothing worked.
Bridge Version :

i was so hoping this would work for me, however it did not, I submitted a ticket 26334.
From what I have been reading it seems that when the battery dies some contact sensors are losing their mac address and its just a bunch of 0000 zeros and they may be bricked because of that. Hopefully Wyze can help me.


Have you heard from Wyze Support? I had a sensor battery die, and just now replaced it. Getting the 5 blinks.

Be aware that the Wyze Sensor Bridge can be offline (i.e. solid yellow LED) without any indication at all in the app. Everything looks normal, but it’s not working. If when you start the device pairing process in the app, when you get to the screen where it shows the animation of pushing the button on the sensor with the pin, you should hear the cam say something like, “Bridge is ready for pairing”. If you don’t hear anything, your Bridge is offline, check the LED. Rebooting the camera is often insufficient to reboot the Bridge. The best way to reboot the bridge is to first check that the cam is fully booted (solid blue LED), then unplug the Bridge from the cam, and plug it back in. When the Bridge LED glows solid blue, it’s ready for pairing and operation.