SmartLife / Tuya integration?

Hi All, Quick question: does WyzeCam somehow work with SmartLife app (or Tuya) ? WyzeCam being a wifi device, it could work with SmartLife app, and it could also work as a wifi bridge for the new Wyze sensors.
Did anyone try ?
Many thanks


Hi @Sal. Welcome to the Wyze forum. Wyze devices do not work with SmartLife or Tuya. However, this FAQ topic may answer your questions about the bridge.

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Does the Wyze Plug still not integrate with the Smart Life app?

As far as I know, Wyze has no plans to integrate their plugs with the SmartLife app.

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Most of my smart home devices are Tuya compatible. My Wyze cameras are the only ones that are not. It doesn’t matter to me, because I use Alexa as a “hub” and it talks to both.

Tuya compatible devices are as cheap, or sometimes cheaper than Wyze devices, so stick with that eco-system if it is working for you.


Thank you!

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that’s a deal breaker for me, returning Wyze smart plugs back to Amazon, everything else I have is SmartLife compatible, why on Earth would I want to use two apps to control devices in my home :).


SmartLife is now ending IFTTT integration also, this hinders my usability with SmartLife

holy *****, are we screwed now?

Yeah bad news.
Do you know of another way to connect them? For example my use was when front door opens (wyze) turn on light (smart life)
Is there another way to achieve this now ifttt is gone?

You could do it through Alexa

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and with Google home? does it have this option too?
I dont use Alexa.

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I am mostly a Google house but have not been able to do it with Google. That is the only reason I downloaded the Alexa app to my phone. I only use the Alexa app for the few routines I use.

well, I had no idea I can use Alexa app without alexa device for automations!
Thank you very much for this discovery, works great!
No need for ifttt anymore.

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You are welcome

My smart home setup consists of Nest, August, Wyze and smart life plugs/switches/sockets. Amazon Alexa is the one thing that they are all compatible with. Alexa is the hub that binds them all together.

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could anyone show me how to integrate wyze with smart life devices under Alexa app. I can not find wyze camera listed under trigger. Greatly appreciated.

On Alexa App create a new routine. On “when this happens” select Smart Home. All the sensors appear thereu. If your cam does not appear there, you might have to activate “person detection” on your cam though (check Alexa App settings and wize cam settings or services).

Then you choose the action and the name of the routine…

I know I’m replying to a really old post, but I see no corrections in the thread.

SmartLife (Tuya devices) is back on IFTTT. I think it has been for quite a while.

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