Wyze Sense with non-Wyze products

Does Wyze Sense work with other smart bulbs/plugs or only Wyze product?

If you use IFTTT it can be made to work with other products. It more so depends on what you are trying to use it with

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I use IFTTT for some integrations, Alexa direct for others. If Alexa can control the device, its faster to respond.

Be warned, most generic smart bulbs and plugs work with Smart Life / Tuya.
Smart Life / Tuya are dropping IFTTT support so you may not be able to control generic products with Wyze products.

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For those using Tuya/SmartLife bulbs and IFTTT, you can still utilize IFTTT by using one of the Re-skinned apps provided by various companies. Brilliant Smart out of Australia is the one I settled on. You will have to re-associate/link with the new app, which also means entering any routines or scenes you may have in the original app, but other than that it’s a seamless transition.

For iOS users, link to the Brilliant Smart app here:

As an aside, Brilliant Smart has a broad integration with other products, so in many cases this will be an upgrade to Tuya/Smart Life abilities.