Wyze Sensor and Teckin Bulbs

Could I use another blub with my sensor or does it have to be a Wyze bulb? I have researched that if I use a 3rd party integration like IFTTT or Alexa, that’s the only way to have Wyze interact with outside products but there has got to be more options besides IFTTT or Alexa to interact the sensor and the non-wyze bulbs, correct?

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The Wyze App will not integrate with anything without Wyze DNA.

The only way to integrate automations between ecosystems is thru a 3rd party platform. I use Alexa almost exclusively and used to use IFTTT until they decided to reach further into customer pockets for basic features. I also use Google Home on a limited basis because there is such a limited number of Wyze Triggers and Actions.

When Wyze Triggers and Actions are absent, I have employed a Wyze Relay device (like a plug) to act as a Smart Relay between the two ecosystems.

I currently have automations between 6 ecosystems.

Some users also employ Apple Home Kit, Home Assistant, and HomeBridge although I have never messed with them. I believe there are also some others with limited functionality, but I couldn’t tell you which.

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