Wyze Smart Home (thinking outside the box)

Please post your ideas for out of the box uses of Wyze devices! See my first post for example.

Okay. So I have been building my entire smart home around Wyze products using google as my launch center (utilizing multiple nest hubs and Nest mini speakers throughout the house).

It’s going amazing other than the routine lost connections of my Wyze Smart Bulbs, which I assume is commonplace across the board for Wi-Fi type non-hub bulbs- so that’s ok. I do wish Wyze would integrate ALL devices with google compatibility eventually.
I say all that to say this, I was thinking about automation and notification ideas in relation to monitoring & lightening struck my brain,

If I put a Wyze Sense Motion Sensor in the very back of my mailbox on the back wall all the way in, it will alert me whenever my mil is delivered everyday!!!

I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this smart home hack so I thought I would share and invite others to share their outside of the box ideas with Wyze products. Thanks!




Crushing my dreams. Lol


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @aputman2018!

I also use Google Home’s dashboard launchpad as my main device control dashboard. But, as I use Android, mine is integrated into my OS. I use Alexa for cross platform routine integration & voice control and MacroDroid (sorry, Android only) for device automation tasks not available w\ Google Home, Alexa, or Wyze.

I have Wyze Color Bulbs and they do not routinely loose connection. I would say that this is not normal nor is it to be expected.

There are multiple posts from users who have placed a Contact Sensor V2 on the mailbox door to alert when the door is opened. You can even stick a cam in there if you wanted.

Contact Sensors can also be used to alert you if something has been left open, like a safe, a freezer, a locked cabinet, etc.

There are tons of out of the box application and execution ideas that range from device modification to cross platform integration. If you can think of it it has probably been tried and posted. If it hasn’t, there are those here who can brainstorm possible solutions to hurdles.