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Hi. Just joined the beta program because I am an goole nest user (nest thermostat, doorbell, hubs, speakers, google tvs) and am looking for a securoty syatem since google dropped the ball and stopped offering it to customers and therfore looking to Wyze to fill the need.

So, I did plenty of research trying to find a security system that would work with google and there aren’t any that would do what I want. Closest one seems to be Wyze and I am hopiing to get them to work together and at the same time if a beta tester help the company find opportunities and fill the gaps that are currently there for customers like me.

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I have a few google items that I use for testing to help out the community, but primarily use Alexa.

What are the capabilities you were looking for in a home monitoring system?

What type of integrations with Google are you interested in?


Thank you. Well let’s start where google is missing the biat right now…

In automation, when camera senses motion let me use that as a trigger to do something like put a light on, say something through a door bell not just when someone rings a door bell.

When someone rings a doorbell put the picture in picture on a TV of the camera automatically or on phone.

Sensors - not used wyze ones yet, but that is why I am looking into the security system so it can detect motion and do things based on that. Not sure hiw loud the siren is, but from watching some videos sounds like an additional louder one would be better. Also hope there are automation available based on sensors detecting someone and same thing giving me options to turn on lights, music, say something etc.

Add carbon monoxide, glass breaking sensors. Not sure if current alarm system can work with the nest version one or atleast hear it beeping and does something like notify me or the fire department.

That’s a start.

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Caveat to my response… I do not use Google Home Display devices. I only use the Google Home app on my phone. Any integration information there will need to come from a Google Home display user.

Thru Wyze Rules, Wyze cams can trigger other Wyze devices (bulbs, lights, plugs) to do things like turn on, turn on for X minutes, flash, change color, activate cam sirens, upload videos, etc. on motion detection. With Cam Plus, the rules can be limited to only execute when a Person, Pet, Vehicle, or Package is detected.

Example of the Cam Triggers for the V3 cam:

Example of the Device Actions for the Wyze Color Bulbs:

Example of the Device Actions for the Wyze Cam V3:

NOTE: Cam triggers in Alexa routines is very limited. Right now, only Person Detection can trigger an Alexa Routine, not motion detection. This requires Cam Plus on the cam.

The Wyze doorbells have 2 way audio whenever you need it. They can also be used as triggers for rules. But the actions are limited for the doorbell. I have the V1 doorbell (wired):

This can be done on the device running the app thru use of the VOIP call function and a 3rd party macro app that will auto answer that phone call. Using the App notification feature, clicking the notification will launch the cam live view.

TV is a bit more complicated as Wyze does not have an app for Smart TV. I have been successful doing this thru use of an Alexa Routine that triggers on the press of a doorbell (can also trigger on person detection) to show me the doorbell video on my FireTV Fire stick device plugged into my TV. Unfortunately, the Alexa routines and video load execution are painfully slow.

I have the HMS system and use the motion sensors, contact sensors, climate sensors, and leak sensors as triggers for a wide variety of Wyze rules to trigger many other Wyze devices. Motion sensors and Contact Sensors are also available as triggers for Alexa routines to trigger non Wyze devices. Each sensor has the individual capability to send push notifications if desired.

However, the HMS is NOT able to be used for any automation. The Disarmed, Home, and Away states cannot currently be used in any automation rules or routines as triggers or actions. This is something that Wyze is working on and will hopefully release soon.

There are ways to creatively use other devices to get around this limitation. I have very loud external bullhorn sirens installed that arm by a combination of Alexa routines and Wyze Rules when I arm my system by Alexa Voice Commands… Also accomplished by Alexa routines and 3rd party phone macros. If they are set off, all my Echo Dots also announce a verbal warning.

Unavailable within the Wyze HMS, however your Wyze cams can listen for a CO or Smoke Detector alarm signature and alert you of a problem. This can also be integrated into the HMS on 5 cams, however they cannot trigger an alarm and they are not monitored functions.

No. It cannot integrate with any other system. Again, the cams can listen for sounds and notify you if something is heard, but unless it is the specific sound signature of a CO or Smoke detector, any sound will trigger a sound notification.

If you have additional use case questions or scenarios, fire away. It is best to know what you are installing before you jump in with both feet!

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Yea, unfortunately, Google is releasing the updated Nest to allow for routines based on sensors and other items. Currently it is a limited list of items which can invoke an action. I looked at my Google Home App and don’t see HMS Listed either.

Can’t wait to see what the new interface and options will bring.


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