Google Home AI Detection

Hello, could Wyze look into adding AI detection to the Google Home integration? It looks like this feature is open to developers per the Google home development center.

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Add a +1 vote from me on this! I brought this up in the most recent AMA. Here were some of my questions related to the new Google Home stuff:


Here’s a list of what Google claims are all the starters, conditions and actions they support now:

This wishlist gets a very huge upvote from me.
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I was one of the ones that upvoted almost every one of your post in the most recent ama! I was happy to see most of your post get response, but I will admit a few post were omitted that I had hoped for. The Google home post was definitely one of those.

I had a bit of an “ah ha” moment earlier today when I realized that the Wyze google integration is “works with hey Google” and not the “works with Google home.”

After reading through the post below and associated link (along with WyzeJimmy’s other post in the thread) I am wondering if Google dropped the ball and didn’t tell Wyze that there is a different pipeline to follow for the Google home automation. Hopefully Wyze is/will look into “Works with Google Home”


Thank you, that is nice to hear that you liked and upvoted so many of my questions/posts on there. I am always pleased to hear that people appreciated all the work I put into that to try to represent the community by asking things many of us would like to know. :heart:

As you know, I’ve certainly been doing everything I can with my influence to encourage Wyze to ingrate as much as possible with Google Home Integration too. :+1: I will continue to do so too. I actually started making a spreadsheet of EVERY single Starter and action Google has listed along with whether Wyze supports it in Google Home Already, or whether they should integrate it and which ones I think should be a high priority or what doesn’t apply…Here are some example screenshots from my spreadsheet:

I haven’t got all the way through all of them, but now I feel like I need to add another field that includes a list of some other companies that have similar products as Wyze that DO incorporate those starters/actions so we know it’s definitely possible and not something Google has limited/restricted.

I plan to go through this link now for each kind of device and see what other companies are already supporting which of those starters/actions:

This isn’t complete, but gives an example of my first draft of the type of thing I might do to see what Wyze has vs what Wyze could do right now that other companies have already implemented vs what else Google SAYS they support now (which may or may not yet be added into their API):

If I complete all that at some point (I may change status on what I think is high priority vs just important, vs available), maybe I can pass it on to someone at Wyze to look into what things they could add NOW vs what other things we need to nag Google to make available in their API, etc.

It would be so awesome to have all those things added.

Obviously I’m a huge supporter of all of this, but I agree that the AI detections would nice to have the highest priority on! :slight_smile: Great Wishlist. Thanks for submitting it.

(Yes, I’m a total nerd)


I love the spreadsheet! You created an extremely helpful tool to know where we are and where we should be going with Google home and Wyze. Thank you,!

excellent work. I am just about to delve into the detail of your content!!

Is there a place on Google website for us to see their,progress on Wyze Integration? like Wyze does here with their roadmap, etc.?

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just found this link to Google Home team on Reddit…

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