Allow for dynamic weight in Watch (and Health Data) settings

I have both a Watch 47 and a Scale S, which were acquired at different times, so they weren’t added to the app together. When I set up the Watch, the app asked for some data about me, and I see that I can change that data if I navigate in the app to the Watch screen and select My Info. The one metric here that is likely to change is Weight, and I assume that my weight figures into how the watch calculates some of the numbers it shows me in the Data section, such as calories expended throughout the day. If the Watch isn’t actually using my weight for anything, then why does it ask me for a static weight when I set it up and then give me the option to change it later?

Because I’m also using a Scale S daily, I think the app should recognize that I’m using both devices and poll the data that the Scale is collecting so that it’s available to the Watch. It’d be cool if that could all happen automatically, but maybe from the user’s perspective there would be a selectable toggle to either allow this or to just stick with a static weight setting. Wyze has the data without involving a third-party integration, so why not let these things talk to each other and potentially make tracking those metrics more accurate for the user?

What they should do… have all scale models update the weight value in the user’s Health Data (Wyze app Home > Account > Account > Health Data > Weight) stored in the cloud, then have all non-scale Wyze devices that use Weight pull the value from the user’s profile.


Agreed. Several companies do it this way when they have scales and watches/bands.

I’m guessing Wyze won’t expend the resources to do this when the watches and scales are currently relatively stable as they are (adding more code could put them into a bug cycle), but it would be a great feature to implement.

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@Seapup & @carverofchoice, so the agreement doesn’t translate into votes? :wink:

I suspect you’re correct, especially with making any changes to the Watch (which could use at least two updates that I think would be relatively minor), given that this is the “year of the camera” and getting back to those roots with the OG, etc.


+1 vote from me! :heart:

Haha, just forgot. I do most of my voting on my computer (the vote button sticks out better to me for longer), and I don’t think about it on my phone (by the time I’ve read the first 1-2 comments, the vote button is out of site), and I was on my phone when I responded, so just didn’t even think about it or realize we were in a wishlist instead of a normal thread. :slight_smile: Voted on it now though :wink:

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@Seapup & @carverofchoice, thanks! I think @Seapup’s suggestion is probably a better solution than what I described, particularly because of the note on the screen @Seapup mentioned:

Changes to your health data records will affect your body metrics results. You must be connected to your devices (ex. Wyze Scale) via Bluetooth to make sure the changes are reflected.

That seems to imply that the “changes” are one-way (i.e., from the app to the connected device/module), and that would certainly make sense in using the height the user records on that screen as part of the BMI calculations shown in the Scale module of the app, but that wouldn’t make sense at all for a connected Scale, which is presumably going to record a different weight measurement (nearly) every time it’s used (as @carverofchoice has already described in great detail), and the Health Data screen should reflect that data’s dynamic nature.

Edit: I just updated the topic’s title to reflect that this setting really should apply to Health Data and not just My Info screen for the Watch, though presumably they’re pointing to the same place in Wyze’s database.


Aww, and here I thought everyone ignored that explanation I gave so many months ago. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I appreciate the thought and detail that went into something like that. I might also be partial to the Pumpkin story, because I have an orange cat, and I use the Scale S’s Pet Mode to help me track his weight.

Haha, love my little Pumpkin. He's my favorite cat in the world.

He was a rescue…when we got him from the shelter, he was all mangey and had infections, including bad ear infections and puss, and he was terrified of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, he’d clearly been abused. Nobody wanted him, so we took him and healed him and loved him and now he’s the sweetest cat in the world and so smart. He can do tricks like give High Fives, and listen to other commands to come, leave a room, dance, he still plays in his old age, and many other things. He’s very smart and loving. He’s the peacemaker with all our other cats too (we have 4…well, sort of 5, but one of them adopted a neighbor a couple of years ago (with our permission). Everyone loves Pumpkin even our big bully black cat, and even if the rest sometimes fight with each other, they all adore Pumpkin and will cuddle with him. He always uses the litter, never barfs, doesn’t destroy things, he will even go on walks with us using a harness and leash. He’s basically perfect…other than catching grasshoppers and dropping them on my chest while I’m sleeping. :rofl: Best cat we’ve ever had. Our daughter first named him Tiger, but he was nothing like a Tiger, so we changed his name to Pumpkin. :heart_eyes_cat: He does still get spooked really easily by loud noises, cardboard boxes, and lots of things in general, and he’s terrified of new people outside like everyone wants to hurt him. Poor little guy with PTSD. He’s been a wonderful rescue choice.

I love Pet mode on the scales too.

It is interesting to consider how much more complicated weight measurements can be than I thought though. I’m not completely sure where I stand on what they “should do” but I now totally understand why so many companies do anchoring with their measurements, because people get really upset when measurements vary. I think there should be some kind of middle ground though. Too much anchoring can feel ridiculous (I drank water and my weight didn’t change), while none at all can feel the same (I just stepped right back on the scale and the measurement was a little different even though I didn’t drink or eat anything, etc). I don’t know the best solution, but it is interesting knowing the considerations they are debating.

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I frequently tell mine that he's my favorite. Also, thanks for showing me this feature in the forum posts!

I named my guy Mazda because he showed up in the engine compartment of my car one day. When we got him out, he was scrawny with his ribs showing and dirty. (It’s possible he caught a ride there from another town earlier that day.) When we began cleaning him up, we discovered that he had fleas, because they were migrating to his head, the only dry part of his body. After a couple of rounds of baths and picking those off, he seemed much more content. Since he showed up in my car, I felt like he was my responsibility (or maybe he chose me for some reason), so I ended up keeping him instead of trying to re-home him.

I never planned to be a cat person, because I’ve always been allergic, and the first several months with this guy were pretty miserable for me physically, but over time my immune system acclimated, and now I can be around other cats without significant problems, so he’s actually been really good for me in a few ways. He’s still timid around strangers, but he seems to think that I’m his human, and he’s grown from a scrawny 8-week-old foundling into a 9-year-old monster who likes to give hugs.

Wanting to be a responsible cat owner (even though he’s an indoor cat), I had him neutered, and I recall reading that the hormonal changes this causes can have a significant impact on male cats’ metabolism, so it’s important to watch for weight gain. His veterinarian has said that he’s not overweight, but she’d like to see him weigh a little less at his size, and the Pet Mode was one of the features that drew me specifically to Wyze’s scale models.

Yeah, and I’m glad there are people a lot smarter than I am who are able to figure out stuff like that.

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When and why I use the details tag for drop-down content

Yeah, I often use the drop-down “Details” feature in a thread as a courtesy when I’m going to say something that is either mostly off-topic from the main original subject other people might be looking for but is still somewhat relevant in a way to something else brought up (ie: you brought up my example about Pumpkin in that other answer)…that way most people know they can easily skip over it since everything in the drop-down is unrelated to the main issue they care about; or 2) I will use it when there are a ton of details that some people might not care about even if it is relevant (maybe I’m posting code or certain pictures or whatever). It’s a nice courtesy some people appreciate, while still allowing others who care, a chance to read it if they’re interested. At least that is often how I try to generally use it.

I now understand why pet mode on the Wyze scale is extra important to you. Makes sense.
That is a cute story about your cat too. :heart_eyes_cat:

For what it's worth, I am also SUPER allergic to my cats.

I wrote about my allergies in this thread, which you might also enjoy this story about finding one of our long lost cats:
Cardinal Pair at Window Feeder - #8 by carverofchoice

So yes, I can totally understand loving the cats despite the allergies. I’m right there with you. :joy_cat:

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Makes sense. I was totally unaware of that feature until I saw your use of it. Thanks for contributing to my knowledge of this system!

This is what happens when I start a reply draft, get interrupted by something, move on to several other projects, and then finally find time to come back to the board and discover that this is still hanging out here.

Anyway, that blows about your cat allergies. I hope you find ways to get relief. I’m pretty thankful for how my immune system adjusted, because I like hanging out with my guy and his adopted “brother”.

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