Cardinal Pair at Window Feeder


Our biggest frustration with Flower having no teeth is that now he doesn’t see any point in chewing or eating slow, so he just gulps down food fast and then vomits way too often because he sees no point in eating slowly anymore. That drives me insane sometimes. If you figure out some way to help with that as you go through things, PLEASE do share.

The funny thing is that I’m actually very allergic to cats. I got allergy tests done a year ago. For Cat Dander I scored 99.70 = VERY HIGH Allergies:

< 0.10 NEGATIVE (not allergic)
0.10 - 0.31 Level O/1 = Equivocal/Low (Basically not Allergic)
0.32 - 0.55 Level 1 = Low
0.56 - 1.40 Level 2 = Moderate
1.41 - 3.90 Level 3 = High
3.91 - 19.00 Level 4 = Very High
19.01 - ->100 Level 5 = VERY HIGH

(and mine is at 99.70 for Cat Dander)

But my wife and daughter love our kitties too much, and truthfully I do too, so I just deal with it for their sakes and take different allergy meds frequently to cope. It is what it is. Kind of funny though.

Anyway, I liked the idea of streaming the “window cam” on the TV. It almost makes it feel like there is a window there. I might actually do that in my office more, just to feel like I’m looking out a window…and a private 1-way window at that. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

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