A Cardinal and a Robin at the Bird Feeding Table

I took the new bird feeder down because water was getting through the top where the bolt :nut_and_bolt: was and filling up the bowl. Will have to put a rubber washer there later.
But I think the birds prefer the table anyway.


So you are going to starve out the O “Possum”, the deer and @carverofchoice 's clients while you make repairs? :laughing:


I’ll make an exception until repairs are done and feed the @$%& some good snacks.

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Oh no… I have some popcorn to give them. But we’re experiencing some heavy winds all evening.


We’ve had rain all day yesterday and the :raccoon: fort got a steady river running into it but this guy doesn’t seem to care. I also had two cat visitors, they don’t like marshmallows so the O’ Possum ate some and this guy got the rest.


The winds blew all the birdseeds off the table. Have to get out there and replenish and clean up the other messes.

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