Another Busy Time at the Feeding Table


Bird fast food fly through.

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How do you keep the squirrels, racoons, mice and deer from helping themselves? Also, which camera are you using? (You may have already answered that question, but I don’t remember.)

Haha, yeah that’s it!

It’s shown under the title. You choose it in the drop-down menus when posting the thread. V3. It is a defective one that got replaced this summer because nothing was in focus beyond a foot or two I think.
They said to just toss it, but I ended up using it at the hummingbird feeder. Now it’s clamped to the edge of a little table under the bird feeder. :blush:

I don’t know why the other animals don’t help themselves. Maybe because they haven’t found it yet? They squirrels seem to prefer all the acorns on the ground. Squirrels also like mushrooms.

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