A Squirrel Visits the Birdbath

The red squirrels here frequent the two critter water containers I have. I spotted a new Almond tree they planted in the backyard. I guess that will grow along with the two Walnut trees they also planted. This is a blurry picture from my bad V3 of a tree they planted many years ago. I wish they would remember where the hide their food.

Wow, looks nice. Whats wrong with your v3.

The focus. I haven’t tried for close up only like you have done. Maybe I will try tomorrow if I can find someplace to test it out?

I was wondering if that was it. Just try it out on your hands, or a potted plant, etc. I even measured the distance to get the best possible outcome.

Speaking of Squirrels, this one was thirsty.

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I’ll say. Just like my little guy. In my video and yours, I had to click the video a second time because it looked like it stalled haha,