Wrens. Build nest in gas tank, Squirrels find my nuts

I have been using the stitching app of @IEatBeans and liking it very much!


I have found this to be one of the greatest uses for the battery cam pro. Being able to move it around so easily is glorious for catching animals!

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On some things, I don’t like having to recharge batteries. But if I end uo putting a cam farther out in the yard, I would probably use one of my smaller solar generators.

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I have a multi-trunk Black Walnut tree in the back yard and the Red Squirrel gang have been harvesting all the new green nuts. At least they could do is wait for the nuts to fully grow and mature.
When all the acorns fall of the trees around here my wife gathers a bunch up everyday when she takes a walk. I save them and put them on the fence rails (aka. squirrel freeway) in late winter.

That’s nice of her. There are tons of acorns that drop from this tree. I’m always stepping on them. I usually see the squirrels esting them, as well as the :mushroom: :mushroom: the ground.

I feel you there, I bought a couple extra batteries and I love the fact that I can have them charged at my convenience and just swap them out. That was one of the struggles with the previous outdoor camera. At least for me