Can anyone help with this anomaly

This “bug” has been around my back deck towards the pond/woods area, for about 2 years. My other Wyze cameras have picked it up in different locations in the back area. This is the most recent time, this week. Thanks.

Are you tring to get rid of it? What do you need help with?

If it’s getting rid of that movement, my first thought was that would be a good place for a v3 in color night vision due to the outdoor light on the right. That would turn off the onboard IR lights because it appears that those are the attractant. The bugs/insects will always be there, especially with the woods and pond nearby, just have to find ways to not have them illuminated so much.


Let me tell you a story.

I live in a suburb. I’d see a few squirrels around day-to-day. I came to believe there were maybe 5 of them in total. They were gnawing on my wooden house, damaging it. I tried scaring them away, didn’t work. I tried live trapping them, but it was really rare for one to get into the cage. So I started shooting them with an old pump pellet gun. After all there were only 5, right?

It’s now several years later. 325 squirrels have been removed from my quarter-acre suburban property. 325! Point here is I think you have more than 1 curious bug, lol.

I’d do what @omgitstony suggested, and with to a V3 with IR lights and night vision off. The V3 should see pretty good with that yard light nearby!



Dang tree rats used to eat my bird seed. I had to mount the feeder about 10 feet off the ground otherwise the crafty critters could jump to it. Made an elaborate mechanism to raise and lower the feed tray. One pipe inside of the other. The outer pipe is CVPC. The inside pipe is 3/4 black pipe. Mounted a WOC on the whole shebang so I can monitor the amount of feed left, and I get a bird’s eye view (pun intended) of the feeding frenzy. Doves are the worst. They toss the seed off the tray. Sometimes I will have 15-20 doves on the power line waiting in the queue.

Now the squirrels just get what the birds scatter from the tray onto the ground. That gives my chihuahua something to chase up the tree.

I did trap a few previously and let them go in a park miles away because my wife thinks they are cute. Popping them in the head is out of the question. The laws here say if you accidentally trap a squirrel, raccoon, or other fur bearing animal, it has to be released within 50 feet of where it was trapped. If it is placed in unfamiliar surroundings, it probably won’t survive. If you purposely trap or kill a fur bearing animal, and don’t have a trapper license, the game warden will pay you a visit if/when they find out. If you do have a license, you must remove the pelt.

Laws may have changed or are different from state to state. This is what a trapper friend told me.

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I get those floaters also inside my garage. I am going to take a wild guess and suggest it may be related to your IR spotlights in camera night-vision operation.

@johnsmith, You should not try to outwit the squirrels. Take a look at this:

Give up and save yourself the stress. They are too smart for us.


Thats a spider

Look at this. Bring popcorn, You will laugh your ass off.

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At the end of the obstacle course there should be a miniature Tony Montana “say hello to my little friend”

I’m new to this forum so I can’t send videos yet but, I have orbs in my room all the time and they look like that. I wonder what they are too if they are ghost or what I know they are not bugs or dust particles. So hopefully I can post videos soon and show you.

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Keep reading topics and posts, keep posting to topics and adding to the discussion. This will bump up your trust level so you can post screenshots and then videos.

The orbs are quite common. You aren’t going to see them without some sort of digital help and very rarely in daylight vision.

Because they are so very very small (almost microscopic) and so very close to the cam lens, they reflect the IR light directly back into the cam, that is why they only show up on Black & White Night Vision. Most float around in whatever air current is available.

There are also videos in the forum of water vapor causing the same effect.

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