Strange fast moving smoke-like movement across backyard

My Wyze Cam 3 caught this strange image of fast moving dark smoke that moves in a zig-zag pattern across my patio and backyard. When viewing on my MacBook, it looks like the moving smoke area is also blurred.

The camera is inside the window and the front of the camera is placed flat against the glass. The window has a blackout cellular shade that was down. It’s been in the same position for about a year. There were no other movement clips captured within an hour of this clip, which was at 4:39am CT.

I’ve have Wyze cams for more than 5 years and haven’t seen anything like this before. Can anyone explain? I can upload the clip once I get the permission to do so. In the meantime, here’s the clip on youtube.

Until you get permission to upload, you could put it on YouTube and post the link here. I would love to see it.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll do that

Here’s a link to the clip on YouTube

To me it looks like something flying in front of the light source outside of the left side of the frame and creating a shadow effect. I am waiting to see what others think. Thanks for sharing.

Wyze cameras do capture some strange things. If you have not seen it yet, check out my video on this thread posted on 7/18/2023.


That’s what I thought as well. The light is always on so there are usually bugs flying around it in the summer, but the pattern of the movement seems really strange. Also, the v3 camera has been in the same spot for a year and it has never captured a motion clip like this before. I had a v2 camera there for about a year before upgrading.

You are probably right. I will see if I can mimic tonight.

Wyze cams do pick up strange things sometimes. I get lots of orbs in my living room, which usually means I need to dust! Thanks for sharing the clip of your dog’s hair. It’s funny how once you know what the strange things are, they seem obvious.

I have had my v3 cameras in the same spot for a year and a half. Only once has it captured a bird flying close to it in all that time. See my video on this link from 5/16/2023. Thanks again to TomG for the Slow-Mo version below my video.

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I also have cameras at my farm and they catch birds (and flies) a lot. A sparrow is particularly enamored with one of the cameras. It perches right in front of it almost daily and gives it the side eye. Every time I get a notification that a person has been detected. It’s pretty funny.


My initial take is something close to the light source creating a shadow.


Here is something strange my v3 captured early this morning. A reddish cloud moving right to left. V3 is inside a window with IR lights off.


Almost looks like a reflection of some sort, interesting for sure.

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