Spirit Caught On Wyze Cam?

Got a Notification, one day on my front porch cam, looked an recording an it was spoooky to say the least.

What do you guys think is in video.

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Hi @NyGixxer and Welcome to the Community Forum!
Definately not a witch cuz the broom didn’t move. :broom:
Looks like a bug going across the lens and totally out of focus because its so close. :slightly_smiling_face:


thats interesting. it appears as if something bumped the camera ( maybe a bird was on top of it?) and the movement triggered it, and the shadow is maybe an compression artifact of the video and it’s movement? I would think if it was something actually moving across the frame/ lens the motion tagging would’ve stayed with it the entire time and not just at the extremes near the edge of the frame.

grab that broom and see if you, staying out of frame, can tap the cam ever so gently and try to replicate it.


I agree with you definitely a spirit. Very cool!