Orbs on pan cam in attic

This was on my cam. Any ideas?
It was detected as motion but I see I can’t upload anything. Oh well. How long until I can upload a video ? I’ve had wyze cameras for years. Anyone know?
@Mods how long till I can attach the video?

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You will probably need to read some posts, like some posts, and reply to some posts to get your trust rating back up to video privileges. You should be able to post screenshots though.

Just from your description though, I am going to predict dust particles or incredibly small no-see-um bugs in the air current being spotlighted by the IR emitters close to the lens. I just saw this from this morning:

Turns out the fog was rolling in and that was all water vapor in the air.


Since I’m not new to these cams I’ve definitely seen my share of bugs this does not look that way. Quite honestly I hope it is. But I can see through it the whole time. I’ll try to post stills

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Might well have been something on the lens itself.

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It’s really the slow motion of it so not sure the still pics really shows it well. I guess I’ll wait to be more “reliable” then I will post the video. Let me know what you think

As an alternative, while waiting, you can also post it to YouTube or similar file share and link the URL here.

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I’ve never uploaded a YouTube video. Might take as long as getting approved lol :wink:

There is the video :slight_smile:

I get this often on my outdoor cam3

My vote is for a small translucent bug or moth larvae crawling across the lens.

Because of the fixed focal length, it is just going to be a blur.

Put some moth balls down by the cam.


Sounds good, I’m just glad it’s not a mouse ghost. :wink:


Not enough whiskers. They also have little red eyes that glow. :mouse:

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Agree… the motion would indicate that this is a crawler (small insect) rather than a floater (dust or spider web).


Ok I went up there and didn’t see anything but I agree it moves like a bug
Thank you

I see this sort of thing quite often in an attic cam. I believe it is particles of dust or other debris moving with the air circulation. Whenever the furnace comes on there is more movement. There are more particles than you think in air. Just think of the trouble to make and use a “clean room”.

Yup thats a bug of some sort

Positively a very (very) small bug directly on the lens, thus the extremely out-of-focus effect.
The way it crawls mostly excludes a dust particle.