Orbs in an empty room and voices in empty room

Anyone else… in night vision I see orbs all over the living room … and sound on I hear multiple inaudible voices talking. Anyone else?

No. But I would like to see what you captured

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The cams are pumping out infrared light from the face of the cams. Anything that passes in front of the cam lens will be spotlighted by that IR light at very close range. Most of these are microscopic dust specs in the air current passing within mere millimeters of the lens. Others are nearly invisible flying insects in close proximity. They won’t be seen in daylight because the visible light source is not from the cam.

The voices however is hard to explain without a sample of the audio.

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The cameras can be very sensitive to low level sounds I have found.

My doorbell pro and V3 camera on my front porch can pick up my voice from inside the house.

I also have a V2 and V1 Cam Pan in my basement that can pick of conversations (muffled have you) from the floor above. But, you can easily tell they are voices.

Always looking for the :thinking::open_mouth: video though.

I have the same problem. The camera in my room picks up orbs all the time. But the one in my living room does not pick up anything. so I switch the cameras out and it still just happens in my bedroom. I don’t know what’s causing it. I’m a very clean person. I don’t believe that it is dust or bugs, because if so, wouldn’t it be all over my house?

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No. Air currents are the important factor to carry particles. It also may not be dust. High humidity moisture will also produce the same effect.