Ghostly like orbs caught in night vision in bedroom

I have no idea what’s going on but I have actually been seeing many ufos in the last 14 months and had never even looked up the topic … kind of remembered watching as a kid Close Encounters - and yet more and more events like this are happening near me.

Those orbs looks like dust or particulates in the air. They look big and blurry because they are close to the camera which cause them to be out of focus, and illuminated by the IR lights on the camera so they look really bright similar to the pillow being really bright.


Again, these are either small insects or dust.

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We have an invasion of ghost orbs!

Don’t get your tinfoil hat on. This is dew rolling in.

You could use a Wyze air purifier. :rofl:

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We don’t do DEW here, we go full bore straight to fog certain times off the year. :grin: