Orbs everywhere

Is anyone else capturing multiple orbs. I am every night

No, but I am capturing multiple small insects and motes of dust that resemble the classic “orbs” that ghost hunters say prove the existence of dead people who have not “passed through the veil of existence to the other side.”

Some orbs (of the insect variety) are attracted to the IR emissions from the camera when it’s in ‘night’ mode (with IR turned on).

If the orbs are bothersome, you could try disabling the IR illuminator (Advanced Settings/Night Vision IR Lights). Depending on the ambient nighttime lighting from porch lights, street lights, etc, you might get acceptable image quality.

Welcome to the community. I have three cams installed outside. And I had to turn off my IR lights because I was experiencing the same thing. Little glowing fairy orbs flying by the camera. Then the spiders started making messy webs around camera to catch the insects flying into the IR lights. I stopped this nonsense. I bought some motion solar flood lights and installed them near the cameras. Now if any motion is detected, the camera will catch it even in the dark. Now I don’t have the fiery glowing orbs caught on video during the night hours.

Camera is inside not bugs and dust doesn’t zoom across the screen we are talking dozens sometimes all at once. Unfortunately it wont let me upload the video since I’m new.

That’s really weird for sure. :flushed:

Finally I can post video. This is a live recording on the Memory card. Only the large orbs actually trigger the motion sensor to record. They are not bugs, hard to believe dust moves that fast. Always between midnight and sunrise. If you walk into the room they disappear.

Where did you post the video? Would like to see it.

My guess without seeing the video… The cam is near a vent and when the air/heat turns on it blows particles in front of the camera


I get different shapes every 3 days between 11 and midnight, so no one really knows what it is ?

Need video in order to say what it might be.

I can’t upload them till I’m not new any more

Try it now.

I first saw an orb on my camera in December. Only one and it would move slowly and fly through the ceiling. It woke my dog up the first time it was captured on my camera. My dog jumped in the middle of the night awakening me, and then my phone lite up saying motion detected in living room. I got nervous because we had only been living there since November. It is a three story townhome and makes noise so my first instinct was someone is inside. When I opened the video it was an orb. I had the camera for a year before I moved into my new place. Never did it show any orb even when it was placed near a vent. Since then, my lights come on, noises all the time, and lights appear from the ceiling in a circle. Sometimes even over my head. The same day the orb appeared, hours later I walked into the area where the orb was and a ring appeared on the ceiling above m my head. Light came down from the ceiling. It’s happened several times. I’ve also captured the orbs turning into a face. One video captures what appears to be a silhouette of a man in my tv and then the orb comes out of the tv. The silhouette is not there after the orb comes out. I’ve had experiences in my past so I don’t believe it’s dust or bugs.

Two things. First I have a dryer vent to the outside that I have two v3 cams in the remote vacinity. They are on the corner of my house roughly five feet to the left and right feet above the vent. Occasionally on cooler or more humid nights the cams will pick up the water droplets in the dryer vent humid exhaust. Especially if there is a light breeze.

Secondly if you are talking about in the sky in the immediate area above your home it’s probably drones. Starlink satellite drones have low orbit and can be seen as almost ufo like and will run in a sequence pattern one behind another. There are also unknown drones close to the tree line in my area that are unknown whether they are personal or commercial. If anyone is interested I can load a video in the captured on wyze section .hope it helps.

I’m talking about inside my home with blackout curtains where no light can come in. Whatever is going on outside isn’t causing what’s inside.