Ghost ORB?

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No, dust.

I’ve never seen dust move that fast…

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Yep, looks like dust to me, also. :slight_smile:

Then it’ll likely be a small bug attracted to the IR illumination.


That was my thought.

It’s probably dust. These cameras can focus on things VERY close to the lens, so even a tiny dust particle can be seen moving in the air currents. Something your eye would totally miss. Odd movements are usually because the air current is being disrupted by the camera. The IR lights reflect off them; you won’t see dust particles during the day.

That would be some fast moving dust. How would it circle the camera??

I don’t see a one particle, I see what are probably 3 different pieces of dust. One comes from the front, then one circles, then one comes across UL to LR. What kicks one up can kick several up.

Not that they couldn’t all be the same particle, they being as light as they are, air currents around an object being what they are, and the likelihood they are all moving within only 1/4" of space of so. Yes, 1/4".

Scale is what most people miss here. This is all happening very close to the lens. You talk about speed – that speed was probably only over a very tiny distance.

Doesn’t it look like it come from the other side of the table and heads straight for the lens? Are you saying this is all happening from a point in close proximity to the lens?

Yes, it’s all in close proximity to the lens. If it were coming from the table it would be very large in real life, and have a lot more form to it on the camera.

I noticed this on one of my cameras also…I just recently noticed it though. These are did particles? Mine keeps going back and forth across the screen.

Repeated back and forth movement may be an insect.

Maybe it is an insect but when I turn on the lights I can’t see it. It’s only there in night vision mode.

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Be sure to look for something very tiny, very close to the lens. Not turning on the lights but instead shining a flashlight on the lens might help you see it.

Is just small bugs , I get A lot of that on my pole barn cam

Looks like the moths I see all the time on my Garage Camera.

It is definitely a bug. We have a cam on our screened in porch and every night we get many notifications and there able bugs. Would be fun to think there are that many ghosts flying around our house though.

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Definitely a bug. They’re attracted to the IR light. I had to install remote IR light for my outside camera just to stop getting the alerts.

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With the IR lights on, bugs and dust particles get lit up very bright and often appear larger than they are. I get this all the time on my outdoor camera when IR is on at night.