Night vision recording things that aren't even there! [Moved]

I get so many false events under night vision, looks like water drops or streaks of light. It’s not bugs it’s winter, and way too big and fast to be dust.

Why can’t they be bugs? IR does attract some kinds of insects, and it is winter here, and I see them all the time in the attached garage.

Well its - 15 Celsius, so that’s a tough bug!

It’s dust/particles in the air, they appear big and move quickly because they are right in front of the camera.

You’re haunted. Plain. And. Simple. You’re gonna have to move now. good luck.



It’s dust. I’ve reviewed enough event triggers to confirm with certainty it’s a single speck of dust.

Watch the footage on a big big enough screen over and over and you’ll see this.

It sucks but the best thing is to keep the camera away from vents, heaters, fans, water heaters, etc. Anywhere there might be airflow.

Well darn, I was hoping for ghosts…lol


Oooh sounds spooky! Hopefully you aren’t haunted, but yes I agree with previous comments, it is most likely dust particles. IR lights can reflect off them and make them look like orbs.