Sprites, orbs, other anomalies in night vision mode

I’m just curious if anyone else is experiencing bright little streaks across their camera’s field of view when it goes into night vision mode, or is my home host to sprites or whatever you want to call them? Kind of creepy but interesting.

Those are entirely normal - mites, sprites, dust motes, cosmic rays, etc.
Tiny flying insects are attracted to the IR radiation beaming out from the camera when it’s in night mode. Occasionally, you might get a spider crawling onto the lens, or coming down from the ceiling!

Ya, I should have searched the forum first but apparently I’m not alone in seeing these crazy little sprites or whatever zig zag around the viewing area. No flying insects yet in my part of the country due to the cold. Although I have had fruit flys hitch a ride into my home in the middle of winter but not at the moment. Just set up my first cam last night and I have to admit, it did freak me out a little. Been here two years and haven’t seen any ghosts or goblins except around Halloween! Thanks!

Well, the paranormal TV shows call them Ghost or Spirit orbs. So, if it’s on tv, it’s gotta be true, right?

We figure the orbs are just long lost relatives checking in …

Did someone say paranormal?

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Oh man, a whole flock of ghosts … or is it a gaggle of ghosts?

I believe that the usual answer is a fright of ghosts.

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I actually asked the same question some time ago…I was getting the occasional sprite in night mode, in the garage. It was winter and there is no way a bug was alive. It would rapidly shoot across the screen. I’ll save the video next time.

Looks like a draft coming from an opened window? These cameras are very sensitive. For me, it made the fog outdoors look like a school of micro insects dancing around on wind currents. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to learn this. :sweat:

I live on 3rd floor…no windows open and no draft…it’s complete darkness in my living room so I cannot explain the movement or orbs. So you saying it’s flying bugs? Nawl I refuse to believe that.

I think this should explain everything-
It’s well known amongst ghost hunters that thermal imaging is an important tool for tracking down spirits from beyond. Often times non-believers cast doubt on ghost hunters, citing technical abnormalities as the reason some see ghosts.

I have so many videos I bought another camera to monitor activity around that camera :joy:


Literally hundreds here as well. I find many require extended recording time because these are “events” lasting numerous minutes and will extend way beyond the 12 seconds.
I also went to (2) 64gb and (1) 128gb cards in three of my four cameras because I found I was having these events overwritten when I fail to screen them in time with the camera’s continuously recording.
I’m new here (camera owner for six months) but hopefully I’ll get to upload some videos and still shots soon.