White "orb" while on night mode only

Hello… We’ve a cam set up in the barn… While we usually see dust floating this morning a very bright pulsing white orb is visible and only on night mode…
Is there an explanation for this ???

Any other cameras in the area? I had something similar when I had a camera pointed at another and it was picking up the ir lights.

Could also be a bug on the lens.

Definitely a visitation from an alternate dimension. This could be HUGE!!!

No, but I’ve had similar blurs due to insects, leaves, etc floating it blowing past the camera outside the focal range of the camera and resulting in some blurry ghosting.

I have one cam that overlooks my driveway approach and for whatever reason, it is a wasp magnet (I’d love to have any entomologist explain what the attraction is) and I end up silencing my motion alerts for that cam when they get active.

No other cams…but when it’s on color, there is nothing on the screen… I’ll climb up and clean it off…maybe Charlotte had baby spiders and ones hanging around… Was just really odd thanks

I have a few cams outside and have the same wasp problem. They absolutely love them…

Check if there is anything metallic there that is reflecting a light source. It could be the gate itself, catching the light. You could maybe throw a blanket over it and tie it down so the cows don’t pull it off.

I had to move my car last night as a nearby street light was reflecting off the car surface and drowning my camera in a pulsing white blob.
(v2 cam, night mode, no IR)

Just something in front of the lens - possibly a spider web with a bit of dust attached.

Thanks to all that replied… Wiped off camera… will see if the strange ghostly orb returns this evening… if it’s a different color the cows are gonna get a new barn… if it’s charlotte the spiders babies they can stay…