Another night vision phantom question.

This is my first post. I had read the few topics about night vision “ghosts”. I haven’t seen any concrete answers from the staff. Someone replied that they were certain this is caused by floating dust. I recently bought four cams. Two of them have exhibited phenomena. On one night, my Wyzecam Pan recorded one that looked like a piece of paper. It moved very fast.

Is it possible that there is some bug in the software that might cause this? Thanks.

No, more likely a bug in the air.

I see the same thing and I have verified that it is definitely caused by flying insects in my case due to a night light within 10 ft of the camera. This normal and to be expected; especially if you live in a warm climate (Texas gulf coast in my case) or have a night light in relatively close proximity. My solution was to change out the white night light with a “yellow bug light” night light.