Artifacts when in night vision

When I turn on night vision I see a pulsating white artifact in the lower left corner of the screen. The camera records it every five minutes and actually tries to follow it to the left until it reachs its limit of motion. When I turn off night mode the artifact disappears. i tried to upload example videos but I received a message that a new user cannot upload videos. Tried contacting support but their support site is down. Appreciate any help

Often the artifact you are seeing turns out to be a spider web. Spiders are attracted to the IR lights and build webs near the cameras.

That was my first thought also but it is not the case. I checked the camera and if it was a spider web I would see it with night vision off also. The artifiact only appears on night vision. I’m going to physically look at the camera again to make sure that hasn’t changed. Thanks for the response.

No worries, for what it’s worth I have a Pan cam outside and back when I used the onboard IR lights I would see spider webs all the time via the IR, but never see them during the day. But they were there.

The other most common thing you will see as an artifact is reflections from metal surfaces. And certain types of masonry shine brightly as well.

I wiped the lens down completely so we will see what happens tonight. I have the camera in my garage so their could be webs but I didn’t see any. Hopefully cleaning the lens solves the problem.

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You should now be able to add a video to this topic. :slight_smile: