Neither bug nor dust, help me identify this freaky orb like occurrence

Is there any scientific explanation for what was happening Friday night between 930 pm and 430 am at our place while we were gone?
These orb like objects were moving around, coming and disappearing, at various patterns, speed and count on and off throughout the whole night.
We live in a remote area, on the top of a hill with no near roads ( so these can’t be headlights ) or neighbors.
I had a camera on 24/7 for 16 nights but this event took place on a single night only.
Here is one of many clips I have gotten. P.S. That one bright static light is the camera’s reflection. The rest - the moving orbs, are mind boggling.

I had same thing happened, turned out it was a string of a spider web

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I’d say it’s an IR reflection on the light fitting
Orbs move uniformly as if there’s a reflective rod or panel reflecting light back onto the camera
At the distance or you light one of those rods would only have to move microns to have that effect

Yep, fine filament of spider web… I get the same thing.

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Thank you for your input but I’m not sure about the spider web theory since it happened only on one single night out of 16 nights. Can you show us the video you captured?

Do you have a video? I’m not sure it’s a spider web.

Interesting theory but why did it happen only on one night?

Goodness, no. That was more than 14 days ago. However, I have a cam in my crawl space and when another spider decides to spin a web right in front - as she did the last time - I will keep a copy. But, there’s really nothing all that strange about your video, just a whisp of a web moving on air currents.

My outdoor camera occasionally gave similar images. Removing cobwebs corrected it.
Victor Maletic

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This was captured before midnight last night, a bunch of times. But after midnight, it didn’t appear. This is outside, so the movement is a bit more irregular, quicker, but it’s got the same characteristics.

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Because the IR turned on for night vision

Yep, nothing strange just a spider web, close to the camera

that could very well be an antenna of a bug. it looks rather stiff and the movement is reminiscent of the movement of a bug. the short quick movements are what led me to bug as opposed to a web. but then again, maybe even a spiders leg is possible.

I would say it is a reflection internal in the camera housing plastic (multiple reflections perhaps) and they move as the camera heats or cools.

It’s a web… cobweb or spiderweb. Nothing more.

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Yes, we have had several things it is always reflection from the IR lights. Bugs are attracted to the light as well as animals curiosity. Wind chimes, chandeliers, wind and spider webs, cobwebs, The camera picks up the reflected light from the IR. It’s normal. Turn off the IR lights and it will not happen. We tested this theory and when the IR lighting is OFF, camera night vision ON, it ceases to exist.


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I’m very certain those are just spider webs. I’ve got a few dozen cams and the outdoor ones get them all the time. Typically my motion captures are either spider webs or moths/mosquitoes. I’ve been wondering lately if we could cut down on the false motion events by simply rejecting light colored things that are moving. All my real events have dark colored objects. That’s obviously we can’t count on all the time, but at the moment motion events are kinda useless with all the false positives.


It’s reflections of the IR light from whatever those things are hanging down on the left side of the screen.

Looks exactly like the movement of a single strand of spider web moving in an air current.