Odd IR Image

Can anyone explain what is creating this image? The video would show the “light bar” oscillating up and down. I will be at the location tomorrow (unfortunately only during daylight) and I want to fix this. Where do I look? Thanks for help! Frank

Looks like possibly a spider web


I should add that there are no lights on in the room. There is a large window at the left end of the room. I know of no bright lights outside the window. The camera is set on top of a bookcase.

Thanks. Is the web likely to be positioned close to the cam or at some distance?

Also looks like it could be reflecting off of something possibly a spiderweb but it looks like more of a glass type. Got a shiny in table or anything like that? Something out of marble or anything that would reflect the light?

If it is a web it would most likely be within 6 inches of the cam

There is a round glass coffee table off to the right but not in the visual field of the camera. Is it possible for the band to oscillate up and down with a stationary object like a table? Would it help if I posted the video?

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Never hurts

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Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. :slightly_smiling_face:

I tend to agree with Jason21271. Webs move hence the moving light affect. The web is close and the right end is even closer, based on the thickness of the light affect.

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The minimum focus for the cameras is only a few inches away from the lense, I’d say this is closer than that.

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It’s a spider web. I get the same thing with my garage cam. Have to swipe a brush or rag across it from time to time. Once I do that it goes away.

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