Orbs at night

Saw orbs last mi ight

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Probably night creatures - bugs, bats, etc. reflected in the night vision. Very common. If you can post a video so we can have a better idea. Others have also seen similar things.

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I also have random orbs moving around my room at night and would like to upload the video but also can’t because I’m a new user…It would be nice to get an opinion.

I just had a new experience with unseen things that show up in night vision-might shed some light here. (No pun intended). I have a V2 under my house which I use to monitor a hot water heat boiler for leaks, etc. I was under there
trying to position it so I got the view I wanted, had a light on, Cam was off night vision and the air around me was free of anything I could see. No bugs, no insulation, dust, etc. To be sure I had the right view, since the cam would be on night vision once
I left and turned the light off, I went ahead and turned it off while I was there so the cam would go on night vision and i cold aim it as I wanted.

Immediately noticed traces of motion moving around me. Looked kind of like the small bugs I’ve seen on other cams. Turned the light back on and looked and the air around was clear. Off and more traces. No pattern, just random motion.

Tried this a couple out times later and it wasn’t always there. My guess is that i was seeing small particles of insulation blown about by the air motion of the air handler for our second source heat pump when it came on.

Tried this inside in a dark room upstairs with different cam and nothing.

thanks for your detailed observation…I appreciate it.

I have had a few Wyze cams for a month or two now. I just got a motion notification from my basement. I checked the video and some unexplainable light flew into my house and last the camera. I am pretty freaked out about it honestly but I’m glad I am not alone. Going to try to upload the video

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looking forward to seeing it!

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I don’t know how to upload it?

It’s saying new users can’t upload?

@charleshann9 Welcome to the Wyze forums! I will tag @moderators to up your trust level so you can upload the video. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. This is all new to me

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You’re welcome! :+1:

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Charles, It looks like you’ve done enough reading on the forum now that your trust level has been bumped up a notch and you should be able to post now.

@StopICU33, thanks for the heads up.


Before people guess what this is know that that door is closed tightly. There’s no draft or anyway for anything to get through

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That looks like it drops down from above the door jam on this side of the door then flies towards the camera. I bet its just a small winged insect or bug. Being in night vision mode, the exposures are longer which makes the small bug seem like a several inch long flying piece of barbed wire, which are actually several wing flaps that cover each frame of video.


Exactly. The brighter part is the bug’s body, the lighter part are the wings.



Definitely a bug on the fly moving across the IR lights. We have seen countless videos similar to this one.

When I first got my Wyze cam I saw videos just like this, and honestly, I thought we were having angelic visitations. :sweat_smile: :grin:

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Thanks guys! Yeah I had no idea what to think. That’s the first time something like that set off the motion sensor

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Two nights ago I had notifications a little more than an hour apart. One flash is a cylinder shape shooting up from the floor an hour later there is a flat, paper shaped object with paper shaped wings.