Orb/spirit/ghost? You tell me

Ok, so one night I got home from work at 4am and was notified by my camera of movement outside on my porch, I checked the camera and saw something glowing, thought it was weir and watched it for a minute. It continued to then I walked to my front door and looked out the window onto my porch, LITERALLY NOTHING THERE, but the camera was showing it still out there. I then turned the light on and still nothing outside but it was still on the cameras then began to fade away. I guess turning the light on disturbed it? Cause I turn the light off and go back to bed and it goes CRAZY! Looks like it is walking up my front steps and then trying to get into my house, it even looks like a hand reaches out to grab my front door handle and it makes a noise, I will not show my wife this video lol, anyone have any idea of what this could be??

And of course it’s saying I can’t upload the video… anyone have any idea how I can upload this?

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I asked the Mods to give you upload privileges. You can also do that yourself by responding to a few threads. You currently have too few posts.

I’d love to see this video, lol.


@pkiley108, I have bumped up your forum trust level. You should now be able to post a video.


How long can the video be? I tried
Uploading it and it said it was two large, I cut it down to three one minute videos and it still say each one is too large…

Video 1.


Video 2

Video 3

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Looks like a spider or bug in a spider web close to the camera. It is bright because the IR lights are reflecting off it.


Hold on there is more

Video 4

Video 5

you can definitely see its a spider in video 4 at 5-8 sec

Great videos @pkiley108 - welcome to the community!!!

Here is another thread with a lot of responses addressing Unidentified Wyze Objects - or UWO’s as I will be calling them from now on :upside_down_face:


hold on check out the last 2

Video 6



Yes it is definitely a spider in a web, I have seen this on mine and gone out at cleaned it off.


Haha. I had one of these the other day, too.

Yup a spider. I get them all the time. Frustrating as I have to remember to remove the web the next morning or the IR light will trigger on it the next evening. Still cool the first time you see it though.

Had on one time where the spider built the web dead center of the cam, very slowly. Big guy,very spooky and I got a night full of alert videos.