Wierd Lights... Orb ? thoughts

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Here it is on YouTube…


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I agree with Rick.

Very tiny UFO using advanced nano-technology. They are attracted to the IR illuminators in security cams, which they use to recharge their tri-lithium crystals.

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Well, the paranormal TV shows say those are ghost orbs. And if that’s what they say it is on TV, it has to be true, right?

Maybe it’s just Granny checking in to see how you guys are doing?

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I have five cameras. I see these all the time. Mostly in dark garage

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Definitely a bug. I have seen Those on my camera too. But I just captured something very unusual that I wanted to post here but since I’m a new user I can’t ughhhh

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I have the same thing in my bedroom! It most definitely is not a moth or dust. Unable to upload the videos as I am to new, I will for sure do once I can.

definitely a flying bug of some kind… most definitely NOT a ghostly orb, I saythis because of a lifetime Of personal experiences With ghosts or haunted houses and other paranormal phenomena. Ive always been very sensitive to paranormal visitors and have always been able to communicate and able to see/hear them. most of the time they chose not to crossover or have an unfinished task that needs tobe done prior to crossing over. Sadly ,some dont know thatthey have passed :confused:

Yes, I see legions of them in freezing temperatures, so they are certainly not insects or dust particles or dust. One actually came in my home when I was away and flew like a bird into the house towards the refrigerator and then turned back into a tiny orb and went out the window. I’m just glad I’m not the only one seeing them. I was beginning to think I was going mad.

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Until someone scientifically explains what is causing these strange orbs, which seems to move like it has some level of intelligence, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :expressionless:

That’s all good :slightly_smiling_face:

People they do not fly like a moth or bug in the videos. I have these very often with different cameras. I have them in the cold ( no bugs ).

I can’t explain them, that’s all I know…!!

Have you been living on another planet .?
They quit using tri lithium long ago…!!
All powered by geo-antigravity bidecular
these days…