Paranormal Activity

Hey everybody, I hope you find this interesting! Tell me what you think.

The only reason I got the Wyze cams was because we’ve been experiencing paranormal activity ever since my mom passed away in January. I recommend you use headphones or earbuds and turn up the volume. I promise you it won’t blast your ears. You won’t be able to hear all the nuances of these sounds unless you turn it up.

We didn’t get the cams until late September. This was my mom’s house, she left it to me, and my 23-year-old son lives with me. We started renovations in April. During the day when the handyman was here we weren’t able to experience anything because of all the noise he made, but in the evenings we’d hear things like scratching, boxes sliding and shifting, a scraping sound, and the sound of someone running around upstairs. We’ve had loud thuds like something hitting the side of the house or the roof. My son heard a woman’s voice talking, muffled like it was in another room and he couldn’t make out what it was saying, and I had the same thing on another occasion when I heard what sounded like two women talking and it was muffled as if in another room.

The fact that some of these recordings are hard to hear at normal volume level is further proof the sound happened in the room and close to the camera. I want to point that out because we only have cams on the main level, not upstairs. We’ve done some experiments to see if the cams pick up noises from upstairs, specifically with the bedroom doors shut and us trying hard to make enough noise for the cams to pick it up. It doesn’t usually, unless we’re slamming a door shut or something loud like that. Even with the windows open the cams don’t pick up too much from outside such as a passing car, car doors, cars starting, lawn mowers, etc. I have heard, though, an airplane and a dog barking because a window was open. Our house is at the top of a cul-de-sac and it’s a pretty quiet neighborhood. That gives you a little perspective now.

So far on the cams we’ve only gotten auditory stuff, nothing visual. But personally I’ve experienced things moving. I had a plug-in night light pop out of the outlet when I walked into the kitchen. I had a standing mirror move by itself right in front of me, a window got locked by itself, and my purse got pushed off a chair. And my son saw what he could only describe as a long ribbon-like white thing flying across the room. And when the upstairs was being renovated, my handyman left two tool cases up there one day after his shift. Later that evening we heard a loud thud and went up to see what could have caused it. The two cases (which were like brief cases that were standing on end) were knocked over. I had been up there earlier in the day to shut windows before nightfall and I saw his two tool cases standing there, so I know how they were placed. They were the only thing up there that could have made noise and now they were both laying on their sides. So even though it was the tool cases that made the thud, there’s still no reasonable explanation for them falling over.

It’s stuff like that that is so interesting to me. Some of these sounds do sound like something normal but the fact that there’s no reasonable explanation for why they are there makes it paranormal. For example, one day I heard what I can only describe as something scraping across cement. I was in the dining room (now my Reiki room) and the sound was definitely coming from within the room. It was literally right next to me. I later found out that my son had heard the same thing two months earlier in the same room, and my daughter and her boyfriend had also heard it on another occasion. Same sound, same room, windows closed, nothing there capable of making such a sound. With all this weird stuff going on, it’s why we decided to get cams.

By the way, I’ve had my roof and attic inspected.

So we have one cam in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one in the family room. All the cams have an SD card, and they are all set to record events only. Unfortunately sound alerts don’t record to the SD card for further recording.

This one is two loud knocks followed by two faint knocks. (We had recordings of knocking nearly every night for a couple weeks but now it’s stopped).

This one is a loud knock and then some faint weird noise afterwards. (If using headphones don’t turn it up too loud until after the knock. The knock itself is pretty loud).

At the beginning of this one there’s a “boom” sound and then an “ahh-AHHH” sound.

This one is a whistle, some bumps, and what sounds like voices.

The original sound alert on this one has two knocks at the beginning that get cut off when the recording is shared. Then you hear “uh uh uh uh uh and then a sound like a motor revving. Then it’s a few more seconds of nothing until the 12-second recording stops.


For the “knock” sound, could it be the wood structure contracting when temperature go from hot to cold ? I think I’ve hold those in my home too…

for the “revving” sound, it definitely sounded like a motor cycle…


The knocks don’t seem related to something like that because they have been in other rooms as well. They were happening also this summer so I don’t think it’s related to temperature changes. I have several recordings of the knocks and none are the same. They have different tones and some are followed by some other sounds.

And yes the revving sounds like a motor cycle. It’s weird that it’s there just suddenly and then suddenly it stops rather than continuing until the end of the recording. It’s also a shame that the two knocks at the beginning of that recording are just barely cut out. I don’t know why. I’ve tried “sharing” the recording to several places and it’s always cut off.


I had the same “knocks” with both my V2 cam and Pan - I always figured it was some glitch in the firmware. I think I was correct because these random knocks stopped after the last update.

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Not what you want to hear, but everything in those clips can be explained, nothing paranormal about it.

Everything from temperature differentiation, to vermin in the walls, to power noises, to outside noise can explain all those things you are hearing.

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That’s interesting. I wonder why your cams would do that, is that possible? It doesn’t seem likely. However for me what rules out the cams causing it is that this summer before I got the cams I had bought a digital audio recorder and it was recording the knocking. I disliked using that recorder because it was only designed for continuous recording, so to listen back to 8+ hours of recording was ridiculous.

These cams are pretty awesome and I will probably get at least one more just for trying to aim it out into my backyard. Since I live in the “corner” of the cul-de-sac I have an extended backyard. I’ve seen foxes and coyotes so would love to have a cam recording them!

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No worries, I’m open to anyone’s opinions, that’s why I shared it. I’m not looking for validation. I’ve had many paranormal experiences throughout my life and I only wish I could capture something much more amazing and impressive to share. (I wrote a book about it). So far this is what I have. Wish I had these cams many years ago! I agree that there are things that can explain something if you try hard enough to look for explanations. I’m sure that beliefs as well as personal experience play a huge role in how one goes about their opinions. It will be exciting if I get something much more impressive on the cams.


The knocks sounded exactly the same. And I also had the same issue of a “double knock” and later found that it only did that on the app playback of the notification and not when I downloaded the video. I intentionally coughed with the camera on to have a notification triggered and sure enough when watching the cough sound repeated twice right in the beginning of the video but not upon download. These things made me realize it was some kind of weird glitch. Also, the microphones are not super high quality so even a knock at the door is magnified and distorted upon playback to sound much louder and odd than normal. Not a dealbreaker for me especially for the cost. I think these camera’s are great.


I would need more specifics to try and replicate what you describe about the cough not being on the download. What I mean is, sound alerts don’t record to the SD card so they aren’t on playback unless there’s a motion to trigger it. But I do have playback recordings of knocks… they are not only on the 12-second notifications, so that’s different than what you’re describing.

I have also tested what a knock at the door sounds like just to have a comparison. For one thing, opening the storm door to knock on the entry door is squeaky which picks up on the living room cam, but surprisingly the kitchen cam didn’t pick them up.

Here’s a recording of a knock that only got recorded to the SD card because there’s a gnat that triggered the motion:

And just for fun, here’s a really cool capture of what I assume is a gnat :smile: :

I hate those things, LOL, but that’s a cool shot.

Funny that you bring paranormal activity up. I first thought what i was seeing was just an issue with one camera in one room. I have 1 v2 and 2 v1’s. I was seeing a small glowing orb of light flying in a loop past the camera. Now I’ve not only seen it multiple times on that camera, I’ve seen it multiple times in different rooms and different cameras. The orb is about the size of a marble and glows brightly. It’s in view for approx. 2 seconds before it flies out of frame. There are no external or internal light sources and it only appears in empty rooms.


Hi Timijo3,

Those are most likely little tiny bugs called gnats. They do get bright when they’re right in front of the camera, and they can go in and out of view quickly like twinkling orbs. Check your house plants if you have any, and if it has gnats you’ll see them. I had to repot a plant and now I use a gnat spray on it. It got rid of them for me.

One of the first things I did was check for any flying insects. Where I live, bug season comes and goes pretty quickly. I first noticed the orbs when gnats were in season. and didn’t find any inside. We almost exclusively use our garage to come and go and I rarely keep the door open any longer than it takes to pull the car in and out. We’re in the cold season now and the bugs have all disappeared outside. Another thing of interest. The orbs never deviate in size or color. They also don’t come back after the initial flyby. I’ve checked for bugs, street lights, car lights, kids, TV’s and even LED lights on electronic devices. It’s none of those things. Gnats also buzz around like flies. Their flight is usually erratic and you will continue to see them in the frame. I’ve seen a couple of flies captured on the cameras over time and they are noticeable because they do tend to just zip around. Historically, there are no grounds for a haunting in this house. It’s relatively new being approx. 16 years old with one family in it before we moved in. I’ve lived in several 100+ year old houses before and had more traditional events like the sound of someone walking upstairs when no one else was home and a bath tube in one of the bathrooms that absolutely terrified me. The house had burned twice over the years and there was at least one confirmed unnatural death and several natural deaths in it.Concerning that tube. It could be broad daylight and I would still get anxious walking by it. It felt evil. Like something bad was tied to it. Like something wanted to hurt you. The footsteps upstairs on the other hand never frightened me or anyone else in the family. Even the kids were not afraid of them.


I appreciate your thorough reply because it sounds like you’re very serious and consciously aware. I take this subject very seriously and have been documenting my experiences and studying this subject for many years. And yeah, isn’t it fascinating to hear the sounds of someone walking around when you know there’s no one there? There’s a lot I’ve experienced first hand and sure wish I had had it captured on a recording.

On the subject of “haunting” it doesn’t matter how new your house is, it can be the land it sits on that brings activity. And from what I know and believe, just because something is paranormal doesn’t mean it’s a ghost or a haunting. I chalk it up to the fact that there is a lot we don’t know about the nature of reality and the various dimensions that exist.

In the previous house we lived in, my son and I were watching TV one night. I had a box sitting in the middle of the living room floor and it suddenly slid across the carpet all by itself. It was right in plain view right in front of us. We both saw it move. It slid probably a foot. We were stunned! I was so happy that he was there to experience it too. My son was about 15 or so at the time. Even something like that doesn’t make me jump to the conclusion that a ghost did it. I need more proof than that before I can form a belief or even a theory. That’s how serious I am about this subject. I like the experiences and I try to do all I can to rule out logical things, just how you described about your orbs.

So have you shared your recordings yet? You should, I’d love to see them.


I need to pay more attention to my recorded video and save one the next time it happens. Concerning the old house we lived in with the walking upstairs. I also was glad to see that whatever was causing it wasn’t shy. Everyone living there ended up hearing it as it happened on a regular basis. We even had guests over that would have to look for themselves because they thought we were tricking them. I tried catching it in action by sneaking up the steps with a camera. Every time anyone tried to turn the corner at the top of the stairs to look down the hall, the walking would stop. People often tried telling me it’s just and old house settling. I was nothing of the sort. They were slow, measured steps and it was pacing from one end of the hallway to the other. Sometimes it’s go on for several minutes. Other times you’d hear them go down the hall once or twice and then they’d stop.

That’s really fascinating. Sounds like whatever was causing it was aware when someone was coming. Yeah, it’s always great when other people experience it for themselves. The house we lived in when I was married had the same thing with footsteps going up and down the hall. It sounded like heavy boots on a hard wood floor. There was hard wood but it was carpeted over. Sometimes you’d hear the bedroom door slam when the footsteps got to the end of the hall and then the other bedroom door slam when it got to the other end of the hall. This would go on for hours at a time. The doors never actually moved.

So is that why you got your Wyze cams, because you wanted to capture paranormal activity?

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I initially got them to watch my pets and check on the kids some. They’re teenagers. The first time I saw an orb, I was reviewing video from my bedroom. At first I thought it was a bug like you suggested. When I saw it in the same are again weeks later, I thought it was strange for a repeat of a gnat or fly. I watched again carefully and noticed the non erratic way it flew. Still, I didn’t think much about it. Then one day while reviewing video of my living room, there it was again. That caught my attention that time. I watched it repeatedly analyzing how it looked and flew. I started trying to replicate it myself and search for anything that would cause it. I ruled out one thing after another. Nothing worked. The one thing that is also the same is I can only physically see it in night vision mode.


I had the same noise. Come to find out it was the ac going on and off. Sounds like it is right next to the camera but it is in another room.

Well if you’re sure about that, at least you have an explanation. I haven’t yet noticed a pattern or found any explanation. It’s also interesting that the knocking hasn’t happened for quite some time now.

Interesting. I frequently record just a single knock (like your loudest) but have yet to find an explanation; it is not related to anything electrical or mechanical and only gets picked up on the regular cams, never the pan cam.

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Hi, First post here. I was searching the forum for posts about knocking sounds and oddly enough, this is the only one that popped up for me (pardon the pun). I got my cameras a couple of weeks ago and am also hearing knocks in one room. I have 7 cameras inside my home - watching the dogs and all entry doors while I am at work. I have not mounted any of them outside yet - I wanted to live with the cameras awhile and map out the areas of coverage outside. I have 2 cameras set up in my work room ( I do readings, healing work, etc.) where I hear the knock. There is also a camera right outside this room in the hallway - the knocks have not been captured on that camera. I should say that I’m an energy worker (Reiki, Pranic healing) and spiritual intuitive. I say that because I am well versed in what most find odd, etc. I am also a realist and debunk everything - I do not immediately go to the spiritual side for explanation. As mentioned, I have 7 cameras in my home and have been trying to de-bunk this knocking noise. It’s only in one room and both cameras record the sound. It happens at all hours - there does not seem to have a cycle/schedule to it. Neither of the cameras are close to a vent or anything that might make noise on its own. There does not appear to be anything hitting the windows or side of the house at the time either. There is only one knock which is the same tone each time. I happened to be in the room when a knock occurred and it sounded like it came from a lantern (no candle/light in it). Are the cameras cycling oddly? I bought them at different times, but the lot # may be the same. Are the cameras pinging off each other perhaps - like microphone feedback (it’s not high pitched)? The cameras do make a sound when shifting from light to night vision, but this is a different and distinct sound. If it was my heat or expansion, the hall camera would record it also. There does not seem to be anything hitting the house or window, Nothing in the room makes noise unless physically being touched. So… just wondering what the knocks are and open to others thoughts. Mine sound like the same knock in the 2nd video with night vision above. Has anyone discovered their cameras doing this?