Is it a Ghost? #CapturedonWYZECam

I knew my little girl had been sleepwalking (one of the reasons I got my WYZE Cameras), but I didn’t know she was bringing all of her bedding with her when she did. Just looked a bit unusual the first time I watched it back.

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.

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This video wouldn’t play in my windows 7 media player, crashed it, but it did in VLC.

At least she didn’t run into the coffee table, or worse walk out the door.

What was her reaction when you showed her the video? Did she remember it at all?

I’m very thankful that she did neither, BuckEye. But honestly more concerned about her walking out the front door. And when I played it back for her, she didn’t remember a thing. This was one of the main reasons I wanted an interior camera with notifications, night-vision, etc.

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If you don’t have pets or people in the area around the door, you may want to get a “Driveway Patrol”. It has a PIR (passive infared motion detector like motion activated outdoor lights have) unit with a transmitter (not ethernet wifi) that is powered by a 9V battery, and a receiver that is powered by C batteries with an alarm that can be set to two volume levels (labelled lo hi). If you want be be alerted when there is movement, it works well. And because the transmitter is on a much lower band (probably 315MHz or 433MHz), it penetrates walls better than “wifi”. It is local device to device communication only, it can’t send alerts to a phone. We never used it outside, just inside.

We used one to alert us when an elder was getting up from nap or in the middle of the night (we were worried about falls), and for that it was very useful. We put it on the floor near the bed so when they put their feet down, it would cause the receiver to alarm, and it continues to alarm as long as there is movement. Because it was on the floor, it didn’t send false alarms when they would roll over in bed, but would alarm when they were getting ready to exit the bed. The batteries last a long time. You can carry the receiver around, move and aim the PIR to avoid false alarms. And there is a switch on the receiver; you can turn off when you don’t want alarms.

The one I have has Model no. 0790RX on the receiver part. I lost the battery cover on the PIR transmitter, so I can’t tell you what it had on it. But it looks like the picture here

The one I have was purchased in 2010. So what they are selling now may have different internals.