Picking up voices

Just checking my Wyze cam V3 live feed as outdoor light kept flicking on and off. Saw next doors cat parading along the wall but hear voices. Couldn’t see anyone around and even looked out the window and no one. I also know if there had have been people the cat would have ran off but he has happily laid on the hall. Checked the play back and there is some crackling but no voices.

I’ve kept the camera live feed up and a couple of times voices at one point sounded distressed. Looked outside and nothing. Go to play back and nothing there.

That is strange. I always recommend people to send an email to security@wyze.com in these situations. They will check things out on their end just to make sure there is nothing suspicious or let you know if there is.

I recommend sending the email from the same email address the account is set up under. If you include the MAC address for the camera in the initial email, I think they’ll have enough info to do a good check for you just to make sure.

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Thanks I’ll do that. It’s really unsettled me I have to admit

If you are ever able to replicate it, see if you can try to record it with another phone and upload a copy, at least to Wyze security, though many of us would like a demonstration of what is going on in case it helps us come up with other ideas for anyone else who experiences it. Either way, we appreciate you reporting it. Let us know if you come to a good resolution.

We’ve been getting the same thing. Strange and or distressed voices. We just thought maybe the camera was picking up something from a nearby house or something. Like a baby monitor maybe. Or maybe that our house was haunted. It’s pretty strange.

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I hadn’t thought I’d it’s picking up a baby monitor. It’s really creepy. I was in the house on my own and it freaked me out. I’ve had it once before a v1 cam said it had detected sound whilst I was in the garden. I was the only one home and assumed it was the cats having a fight. When I watched the video you could hear “intimate” noises. I couldn’t it imagine being the neighbour and I’ve never heard anything through r he walls before.