Someone whistled through my Wyze camera

Hi all! After a couple creepy days I finally joined after seeing some other post similar to my incident. The other morning the wife was still in bed and we use the camera to monitor our son who is In the same room, I was in the garage exercising and all of the sudden she is woken up by a loud whistle. A minute and half later another whistle, not as loud. She got up to find me and ask if it was me and it wasn’t. We are the only three in the house. Since then we have heard distorted voices come through while using the app. Just today our son woke up and was babbling and then you hear what sounds like …yeah… and yesterday after the incident and after changing the password and setting up 2fac we heard what sounded like someone rustling a microphone while they were holding the talk button and it picked up some muffled chatter. I have a video I can share of the whistling part. Looking for any insight. We have since stopped using the camera.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @alricmason!
Does anyone else have access to this camera at all?
If you’re comfortable, could you post the video of this?
It sounds like you have already changed your password and enabled 2FA just to be safe.
I will try to send this for review.


Oof, that is a creepy experience. We’re sorry and would like to help look into this!

Any chance you have video from the camera during these instances? If so, it would be very helpful. We’d also appreciate logs after this has happened.

To send in a log, go to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a log and make sure the “Send log file” option stays selected. It would be super helpful for the developer checking your log if you could give the date, time, and time zone to the best of your ability in the Description field.

Thank you for posting about this and we apologize for the disconcerting experience!


Nope no one else. Just the wife and on, on all iOS devices two iPads two iPhones. Just tried to upload the video I saved but it’s too large, once I figure out how to get it down to 600kb I’ll add it.

Thanks! When I am able to plug it back in and pull a log file I will do that and send it.

What model cam is having this problem?
Suggest to put cam in safe place (kitchen cabinet?) and grab log file after you experience any strange noises e.g. whistle/muffled chatter.
edit - Note: once you remove power from cam the log file is toast.

once I figure out how to get it down to 600kb Prob only need the audio since that is the target.


That is scary. My setup if it will help. I use the guest wifi solely for wyze cam to isolate it from the rest of my devices at home. Enabled 2FA and made sure the cam is never facing inside the house. I hope this is an isolated incident and will get patched up. Probably wyze have a solution for an actual closed circuit wireless video cam that doesn’t use the cloud or internet to avoid creepy access.

I had a similar experience and I have two-factor enabled

Welcome @Grem!
Please post a video if possible.

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Please, do some troubleshooting like enabling 2FA and changing your password first [Mod Edit]

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I would contact, explain your experience, then follow their guidance. Those folks are pretty snappy at responding, but being a holiday weekend it might be slightly delayed.

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Wasn’t there an issue a little while ago when Wyze customers would log into the web portal and would see other people’s cams at random? Is it possible that this is still going on or that some hackers have figured out how that happened and are doing something similar themselves that doesn’t require actually accessing anyone else’s username, password, or account info?

This is partly why I’ve switched all my indoor cams to the Cam Pan V3 so I can set them in privacy mode and be sure no one is spying on me.

Honestly at this point it sounds like the class action lawsuit if they were serious about our privacy they would have encrypted the stream already. The thing is with that whole web portal situation where people were watching other people’s cameras that wouldn’t be possible if the streams were encrypted to the account i.e. end to end encryption but I guess they don’t care until it hurts them so bad financially that selling our data to whoever will buy it generates less profit than the cost of all the lawsuits they’re going to be continuously smacked with (now let’s see how long this post stays up). Wyze I want to love you but you keep abusing my privacy. I own so many cameras (15 or more) and other wise gear heck right now the Wyze car is sitting on my lap. Please show some respect stop advising our data give us full control over who can access the cameras (Admin Rights)(access logs)