Heard a male voice over the app in daughter’s room?

I joined here hoping to get some help. I just read the post encouraging people not to use indoor cameras to spy on family members, but I have legitimate reasons for using mine, which I won’t go into on here, but let’s just say it’s because of a possible safety concern. None of the cameras my husband and I have in the house are hidden from anyone, they know they are there. I also do enjoy sometimes catching funny or cute things my kids do when I’m not in the room. With that aside, I had a bit of a scare a few nights ago. I wasn’t home but my husband was with the kids. He was on the far end of the house away from their rooms and they were playing in my daughter’s room where I have the camera on her dresser. I just happened to hop on the app to check on them quickly and a few seconds after I’d started watching, I heard a male voice. I could hear the tv in the living room in the background, but I listened to the clip probably 20 times trying to make out what was said and if it could have been coming from the tv, but I’m 99.99999% positive it wasn’t. I could hear a slight change in the staticky noise that’s always in the background of all videos before and after the mysterious voice. I couldn’t quite make out what it said, but I think I finally understood everything except the last word. It wasn’t anything malicious, unless I heard wrong, but it’s creepy nonetheless. I spent a good deal of time watching a large portion of video before and after that and heard nothing else and watched some other clips that had detected sound to see if I heard anything at any other time, but I didn’t find anything. Since that happened, I’ve only had it on when she’s not in the room or I’m not home and I know neither of my kids will be in there. They didn’t look at the camera at the point where the voice was heard, and haven’t told me anything about someone talking to them over the cameras (they’re old enough they would remember and tell me), so I’m wondering if I’m crazy! I want to post the video but not sure if I should since my kids are both in it.

You may be able to contact support. They may ask for the event logs and may be able to tell if it was the camera. If they didn’t look up or react in any way, it may not have been the camera at all. I would also make sure you use a unique strong password for the account and enable 2-factor authentication. That way even if someone got your password, they couldn’t log in and you would know if someone tried.


I can understand your concern and I would second the recommendation to contact support. I also would NOT recommend you posting video of your kids here. Too public of a forum. Support might ask for a clip and if it was my kids I would feel safe providing it to them. But in an open public forum I would not.


If you contact support and they can make a determination, or you come up with more information, please do let us know one way or the other if it was from the camera. If it was the camera, it’s a good reminder about security, and if it wasn’t the camera, it will help peace of mind for others that read the original post.


Yes absolutely contact customer service! If it turns out to be nothing no harm no foul. If it does turn out to be something then we all need to know. And even if you did post the video on here the mods would take it down because it would not meet community guidelines regarding personal information. So putting it on here is not an option anyway. I would not worry at all If support asked for the video. I would feel very comfortable with that. But please do a support ticket and then get back to us and let us know. I’m sure this has been a very scary and worrisome incident for you. And I hope that you can get an answer so that you can move on and know that everything is OK.


I will definitely update! I got on to chat earlier today but had to wait a little bit to get someone and then my daughter needed me to help her with something so I never had the chance to speak with support. I plan to try again on my lunch break tomorrow.

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Thank you. It made my stomach drop when I heard it and was just hoping I mistook the tv or something for the voice, but it had to have come from the camera. I’ve analyzed it to death bc it scares me so much. What the voice said even made sense with what my daughter had said, and “he” waited until my son had just walked out of the room to say it. My son is 4 yrs older than my daughter, so in my mind, I’m thinking of some creep preying on my young daughter and that just gives me all sorts of terrible feelings. I hope I’m wrong, and will probably feel silly for these “assumptions”, but so far, not much else makes sense. Don’t mean to scare anyone if I am wrong, but better to be on alert for no reason I suppose, than not, and there be something to it.


You can also call 206-339-9646 between 8a-8p EST. If it were me on this type of situation I’d call. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. And as always the community is behind you and awaiting an update.

Does your daughter has a phone? Could she be talking to someone on the phone using the speaker phone? Or it could your son or your husband talking to someone on their phones using the speaker phone?

As a precaution, I would change the password on your Wyze account and enable 2FA if you haven’t already enabled it. If someone did gain access to your camera, the overwhelming majority of the time it is done through a compromised account.

Hopefully you can get it resolved!


I will would agree with that and can’t believe that I didn’t add that to my comments because that is a no brainer. Change the password and make it something so odd that no one would ever think that you would come up with it.

Ok I will do that. So is this something that has happened before with Wyze? I can send the video and see what you/support thinks.

Believe it or not the video does not really help. It’s the log data that tells the story.

Is that something I can check on? Since it happened a couple of days ago, not sure it would still be on there?

Yes the log that it would still be there.

Go into account at the bottom of the page
Select help feedback
select submit a log
Then just follow through with the instructions

If you have a ticket number be sure to include that. And if you’ve spoken to somebody already where it says agent name optional be sure to put in who you spoke to. And it would be in the form of

After I click help & feedback, it takes me to this screen (attached). I don’t see where to submit a log.

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I’m sorry I test the beta app and it’s a little different. I would select report an issue

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A compromised account for any smart camera or smart home system is where the vast majority of third party incursions stem from, regardless of brand. I wouldn’t worry yourself with jumping to a conclusion just yet, wait and see if the log is helpful to determining anything that may have happened. Rarely is it a result of someone hacking your network or camera to gain access.


The video actually would be very useful as well. So please send that along with the log. May I please have your support ticket number so I can escalate this case? We are sorry that this happened and appreciate you letting us know about this issue. We would like to help look into it further with you.