Security threat

Has anyone experienced questioning whether or not these cameras are secure and cannot be hacked? I had two incidents happen where I heard a computer generated voice. One said, “he’s here”, and I couldn’t make out the other. I use my camera for security purposes. I live in a secure building and I felt as though someone had been in my apartment. I found a rubber band on my bedroom floor. I have not pets, live alone and am very tidy so I would notice if something was out of place. I am very concerned if I am being watched through some kind of hacking. Let me know what you all think about this. I would appreciate your feedback.

If someone had accessed your apartment it could be possible. I’m far from an expert and there are others on here that can get into further detail, but I would think if they could get onto your wifi and cycle the cameras they might be able to gain access.

At the very least I would change your password with Wyze and possibly your wifi router as well. Might not hurt to check the feed of the camera for the time you think this would have happened if you have an SD card in for continual recording to confirm or deny your suspicions.


Just to be on the safe side, not only change your password, but also enable 2-factor authentication.


@045lopezdavid You mentioned you found something that was out of place and stated you did not do it. This reminded me of a post from Reddit that I read. The poster was finding things out of place and in the end it turns out they had carbon monoxide poisoning and was forgetting they left stuff around. Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?

I also heard two people talking one time in the morning. But I did not look over the fence so I don’t know. It can be a bleed over from a wireless telephone at 2.4 ghz.
There is a lot of stuff that use 2.4ghz out there today. Plus the camera is plastic and it not fcc approval. Ham band is at 2.4 ghz or it can be a 3rd harmonic from some thing. What are harmonics?

So no telling where it came from but I did hear voices on the camera.