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Hello, WyzeBeta customer here of 12 cameras currently using 7. This evening I was alerted of a noise at 1:15 ish am. In our garage when my husband went out to look I observed from the app through the camera I heard a voice say “ [Mod Edit] it looks like he’s looking for something” then a tap tap. My camera then went blank. This scares me to death can these cameras be hacked?

Thank you

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They are wifi based so nefarious people will have no rule that says they can’t use a jammer despite laws saying otherwise. Compared to cable based, you’d have to run the cable in the wall and have it fully protected or it could be cut. Can also just put something in front of the cam and block it. Going blank is especially easy lol.

Hacked is far less going to happen but security flaws are always unknown until they are known. I seriously doubt anyone who knows an unknown security flaw was in your garage.

There could be other reasons here.

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Thank you SeaStream,

It was certainly a weird experience. My husband heard nothing while he was in the garage at the same time I heard the males voice say that. I wasn’t sure if hacking was possible or if a radio frequency could be picked up by the camera. Regardless it spooked me pretty good and I followed WyzeBeta instructions and reset our Wi-Fi password just in case. I do appreciate you taking the time and responding.

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Anyone know if you can tell if someone you shared your camera with has deleted from theyre account? Like will i get a notification or something saying no longer sharing with such and such?