Wyze cam hack

Last Sunday, our Wyze cam got hacked. A creepy male voice spoke to our children, and scared them. Has anyone else had this happen?

I have two cameras and no I have not had this happen

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Sorry that happened to your family. This has not happened to me.

First thing I would do is make sure your home router does not have a default password set and while you are there change it. I would also check the security of your router and reset your wireless passwords.

On older routers the default passwords can be found very easy on the web.

Hope this helps.


@nickso Is absolutely correct. After something like this always reset your password and look into the security of your router


Like said change your password and set up 2 factor authentication
Here is how you do that


Also, when you change your Wyze account password, make sure it is a completely unique password that you have never used anywhere else. Then, never use that password with any other account.


Along with all of this advice, you may want to contact our customer support team with the date, time, and time zone of this event and the MAC address of that Wyze Cam. We would like to help look into this with you.

Wyze Customer Support


Holy ShiTzu, Batman! That is really freaking creepy!

It has been more than a decade since people were introduced to IP cams. But still there are many places were CCTV cams are being used though IP cams are cheaper and easy to use. The reason being people are not given proper guidance as to how to shift from using CCTV technology to IP cams.

That might be true. But if my cctv cams are still working why replace them. IP cams aren’t cheap. I’m not replacing something just to do it. Now if my cctv system was giving me problems then absolutely I’d look into other options but until then it doesn’t make financial sense. Not for me anyway.