What to do if wyzecams get hacked?

Don’t panic, I’m not saying my wyzecams are hacked. No, nothing like that. What I’m asking is just in case if such an event were to occur what should I do? Reset password? Factory reset wyzecam? Get rid of wyzecam?

I suppose it depends on how they were hacked, and, what their vulnerulnerability is. For example, it could be yer password needs to be changed. Maybe, a software patch needs to be deployed on the app, or, on the cameras.

So, the answer to yur Q is… search for the answer on this forum.

The most common reason for unauthorized access to your camera would be that someone has obtained your login credentials. This often occurs due to an unrelated data breach where you have used the same login credentials across multiple sites.

Your best protection against this is to:

  1. Use a strong password. Google “strong password” for suggestions.

  2. DO NOT re-use the same password across multiple sites/services.

  3. If possible, use a unique email address for Wyze as well.