Blocking my feed and camera accces

Goodmorning. The reason why im here this morning. I kept asking about the same issues but cannot seems to get an answer. I am living in a shared space with men. Who just came to Canada. I am using my landlords wifi, whenever i leave my camera stop recording and i hear sounds and cannot see images. Anyways i do believe the landlords has been coming into my room whenever im not home. He does have a camera upstairs close to where my room is and one downstairs to see whenever i leave. I think hes blocking my feed and camera accces while using his home wifi. So i put my camera at my door now .my spirits told me too. I am a very spiritual person. I have a roommate i share washroom and space with .he just came from the Ukraine him and the landlord are buddies. I noticed on Friday he has been pointing a little things
. that looks like a phone but not a phone with a long thing on the top shining it on my camera. This morning now my camera was off from 12 am to after 6. I got up 620am. He leaves out for work 6:01am this [Mod Edit] immigrate. Do not mess with mess with anyone , so therefore do not mess with u. I do not trouble or owe the landlords any rent. i do not cause an disturbances for anyone . I need to know how is the landlord blocking and jamming my camera. what device is that immigrate shining on my camera. Twice i seen him do it. When i try to zoom in while watching back my events its not clear but u can see that on his phone its like hes watching my feed some how not clear but im not a stupid person. I need some clarity and help with this matter. I have never shared my camera with anyone. This should not be happening

get a camera with a sd card and get off his wifi, he’s blocking your cameras mac access via the router

My advice to you is… Go and find a new place to live! I think you are asking for trouble there. As far as to camera to use, buy a stand-alone mini cam with sd card for your personal use. Do Not depend on other’s networks for security-related stuff. Your situation sounds like a bad movie or even "should of, could of, but didn’t! and its too late.
Regards, Capt.Rob

as far as shining a light into your camera, he’s looking for cameras that are recording, see link below for an example or such devices

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Thank you

you could set up a vpn on a router or do some other things to save monthly expense… but they can still turn your stuff off.