Landlord came into my room, need ideas on how to hide in plain site!

Hello everyone.

I recently rented a room from a woman and I had a feeling she was coming into my room, found out she was because the Wyze Cam Pan caught her on two separate 12 second clips.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hide this or decorate it in a way that could keep itfrom being found out?

I painted it solid black with a permanent marker, placed it in the corner on top of my tall book stand, hang 3 or 4 phone charging cables around it, and finally put a beanie just on top of it. The cables were intentional to give the perception that it was not connected and also the marker to kind of blend it in with the surrounding colors. The beanie was a really good addition but I am curious to know if anyone has done something with their cam like mine and what that is so that I can try that too…

Thank you for taking the time to respond!


Hi, welcome to the forums. A couple of quick notes, it sounds like you rented a room? The laws regarding operation of a video recording device vary widely by jurisdiction and usage, especially when you are not the property owner. Further complicating that a hidden cam is even more problematic legally. Check with a lawyer for advice on this subject.

Assuming you have done so and are not in violation an enclosure with one way material in a panel, think a shoebox with a cutout covered with mirrored plastic that is see through from one side. I saw a Minion looking 3D printed enclosure that looked pretty cool and disguised the fact it was a camera.

Any enclosure can cause heat issues if you don’t allow for airflow and the IR emitters may cause a glare issue as well so some experimentation is in order.

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A nice owl statue can look good.

Several schools have owls as mascots.


O M Gosh!!!

This is a fantastic IDEA!

Thank you so much!

I have read California’s complete law on renters & Tennant’s law as well I have consulted with two lawyers on my situation…

As long as I am not recording audio or am capturing video that is directly outside my doors view, I am 100% covered and protected by California law to record as I please!

Now, I just need to get really creative in hiding the Wyze camera. My landlord does not allow me to hang anything on the walls except in using tape, then that is fine to do…

I am thinking about making a square box from scratch using double sided mirror glass with a small hole for the cable in the back, any other ideas?!?

Thank you again for your insight!


This is great!

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HDRock, thank you for taking the time to send me that link for the tape!

I wish I could take this camera out of its housing unit and install it inside one of those fake owls or something similar that would not cause I person to say, “that is a dang camera!”

The tape is cool and I appreciate the thought made into my question!

You don’t need to remove the camera from it’s housing. Just disguise it. Camo tape it, hide it in an owl, or paint it black and tape it with 3M command strips under a shelf. But leave it intact.

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Newshound, thank you for your comment and help!

I wish I could upload photos of my room to allow people to help me with location planting of Wyze and ideas. My landlord has a key to my room. I never locked the door when I leave nor did I ever close the door in the beginning because I have nothing to hide nor nothing that I hold dear, just cloths, books, social card, passport and bed and that’s it. I also did this intentionally because I wanted her to feel like I wasn’t someone trying to hide anything or that I was suspicious in anyway, wanted to create the sense I am someone to be trusted, which I am. But since I caught her coming into my room closing the windows and then standing around just staring at my psychology quotes on the wall and just gazing at my books, I threw a beanie on top of the camera but before that I painted it black with a perm marker. I really just wish I could figure out why she did come in and how many other times did she come in, in the beginning!? I know people think I should move but I cannot afford to move and for the price, I can deal with the craziness of it all…

Just would like some advice on camera settings for when I leave the house. Can you give me some EXACT settings to follow???

Thank you NEWSHOUND!!!


For the camera in question, Event Recording>Detects Motion ON. Detects sound, not so much (YMMV).

Notifications all on, except sound (YMMV).

Detection settings > go for it. 100% detection, zone off.

Advanced settings: Night Vision Auto, IR lights enabled.

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That’s a horrible violation of privacy! Have you any reason to let her act this way?


I would change the deadbolt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cloak it with a request for repairs. Landlords cannot see what is on or behind those.


Just a thought: Confirm with the landlord the understanding about them entering your residence, and let them know that you have camera(s) recording 24x7 for your own security and peace of mind regarding any intruders. Don’t hide the camera. Get a 2nd one if you need it for full coverage. Use SD card in the camera so that in addition to the 12-second cloud clips, you will have full recordings (either 24x7, or of “events only” that still covers every minute that had any motion).


I agree , I was thinking that too .
let them know that you have camera(s) recording 24x7 , they probably won’t be messing around in there knowing they will be on video


Put one of these signs on your wall (with tape, lol)


That would do the trick
I have couple of these outside


Q: If Sting were to hide a Wyze cam in his room where would he put it?

A: ?


In a bottle or Behind My Camel? :man_shrugging: