Landlord came into my room, need ideas on how to hide in plain site!

Let’s see, Sting, ah yes well, this is a family oriented forum so probably best not to say. Let’s let the old imagination run amok shall we?


In a bottle, elegant! :clap:


Ok, I’ll try channeling ya :slight_smile:

Beside his wife’s extended tantric… (Sting’s so good he can leave the room, have a sandwich, and pick up where he left off)

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For all the thin men out there… :slight_smile:



Buy a 5 gallon paint bucket, fill it with water, seal the top. Put Radiation warning signs along with Biohazard labels all over the bucket. Problem solved.


Put the Wyze cam inside a dummy DSLR camera. Put it in plain sight and no one will suspect a thing.


You’ve got some good ideas to hide it but why hide it?

Your landlord came right in and was not bothered by the camera so just leave it where it is and be sure the landlord knows about it. That should discourtrage them from entering.

Years ago when I first put up cameras outside due to some bored teenagers in the neighborhood I made a point to let everyone know they were going up and made sure they were very visible,

That was quite a deterrent. The kids steered clear of my property.

Leave the cameras out in the open. Even better, get a Wyze Pan and set up motion tracking so it moves whenever someone is in the room. That should sufficiently freak them out.


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That is so awesome you did that hahaha!

Thank you so much for replying to my post!

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That is such a legit option!!! I am so going to order this!

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I literally laughed out loud reading this omg lmao!!!


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It would, but I want to keep it a secret. CA state law says I can record all I want, but no audio and cannot film outside my room into a common area…

Want the landlord to be caught off guard!

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Zero, my landlord is absolutely crazy! I moved in, thought my landlord might be snooping around, so I placed sprinkles of baby powder at first and noticed foot prints, then ordered Wyze and now I’m here.

I needed a cheap place to rent ,and 500 a month in LA and quick was the only NOT SO CRAZY location I could find. Never once have I done anything to create my landlords crazy behaviors, landlord was born this way or some trauma caused this craziness…

Thank you for replying to my post!

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Dont hide it. Tell your landlord that you have a camera as you feel that the area you are in may be prone to break-ins and you are being proactive. If they are aware that you will see if they enter your rented space without notice, they will likely be deterred from doing so.
Have an adult conversation with them and I’m sure they will u defat and and realize that you know they’ve been in your room. They may even offer an explanation for why they would need to access your space if you ask them.

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Here are 2 documents that outline what rights renters and landlords may have in California. The first one is an overview, and may apply more to apartment dwellers. The second one is far more specific, and may apply more to those renting rooms:

Overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in California

This document goes into much more detail, see page 33:

California Tenants—A Guide to Residential Tenants’ and Landlords’ Rights and Responsibilities


Out of curiosity does your state differentiate between renting a room in someone’s dwelling and renting an apartment/condo/house/hotel room with separate entrance? Here in N.C. if you don’t have a separate entrance and share any common space to get to and from your room and/or a bathroom in common then you are not considered a true tenant and don’t have all the protections of a tenant.

I agree.
In many states (CA is one) a landlord my not enter YOUR HOME with out prior notice unless it is an emergency.
Usually, you can prevent them from coming in if you are not there.

I like the Smile Your on Camera sign.


Hello, welcome to my room. It has been 3 days since your last visit. Be sure to check out recent additions to my New Items shelf. Have a nice day!

(advanced person detection (and other stuff) required)

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