Covert wyze cams?

Hi I’m new to both wyze and the forums. Hope to learn a bunch in here.`if I’m in the wrong thread or whatever feel free to boot me😂
I like having wyze pan under my eve at the front door and don’t mind it being visible. I stuck a couple analog cameras in a barn owls eyes would like to replace my old owl cams with wyze cam V3. I can seem to upload a photo here but if anyone is interested in seeing what I have planned or have done covert cameras of your own please chime in😁

Welcome to the Wyze community @pb4021!
That sounds cool!
The @Mods may be able to allow you to upload a picture if you’d like.


I just can’t believe you wrote all that and resisted even a single Wyze Owl joke.


I checked @pb4021 trust level and they should be able to upload images now.

I figured a slow start was my best approach on the wyze jokes but ya wyze ole owl should be an add on option…lol
I don’t think the V3 will fit in that at least not in the eyes. If you can expand the photo you’ll see it’s not the best looking owl on the block but at night it sure cuts down on ratz… roflmao


Ok so no demand for my old owl I see…lol get it…seee

Ok I’m ordering New owls for my V3

Wow sorry for the delay in updating my post! My V3s just got here🙄 as promised, I’ve uploaded a photo to give an update on my Setup.
It’s not done yet but I could not wait to start playing with it. (V3)


Fully operational and out in the field for service Coming soon